April 27, 2006

PlayStation 3 Rumored To Cost $399

Posted in General at 5:48 pm by corneliusw

Sony has been silent as far as the price of its future console is concerned, thus encouraging the spreading of rumors. According to the latest “unofficial information” of this sort, PlayStation 3 is supposed to cost $399 and will have a 60 GB HDD.

Also, PSM (the independent PlayStation magazine who started the new rumor) says PlayStation 3 will ship in the first half of November

An earlier statement on the subject came from vice president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe George Fornay, who said the next-gen console would come with a price tag of 499 euros. Later, Sony claimed that Fornay’s comments have been “mistranslated or misunderstood”.

Earlier this month, a Sony spokeswoman said that further details on pricing or launch would become available at a press event ahead of the E3, on May 8

A PlayStation 3 costing only $399 would be a serious blow for Microsoft’s Xbox 360, which also costs $399. The price aside, Sony console comes equipped with a high-definition Blu-Ray drive, while the Xbox 360 could (eventually) match this up with a $100 HD disc drive.

However, Sony might very well choose to keep the actual price of the PS3 secret for the time being and reveal it this fall, to give its marketing campaign a serious boost.


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