April 25, 2006

PlayStation 3 Backward Compatibility On Track?

Posted in General at 5:17 pm by corneliusw

According to GamesIndustry.biz, Sony Computer Entertainment’s UK studios are playing their part in getting PlayStation 2 backward compatibility up-and-running for the PlayStation 3 before it’s (tentatively scheduled) November launch later this year. Backward compatibility on the PS3 will be achieved using software emulation, as opposed to the PS2’s solution of utilizing PSX/PSone hardware built into the console. This is probably what you expected, considering the great differences between the PS2 and PS3 system architectures.

The Sony UK sources believe good progress has been made in getting PS2 game titles running on prototype/development PS3 hardware, despite being forced to emulate the PS2’s architecture through software:

“He claimed that a surprising number of PS2 titles are already working on PS3 prototype hardware, and revealed that the emulation tricks being used to mimic the behaviour of the notoriously complex PS2 processors are getting whole swathes of game titles up and running on an ongoing basis.

While our source was positive about the progress being made on backwards compatibility, the team is undoubtedly working under fierce deadline pressures – as if the vast, vast majority of the PS2’s software library is not up and running by November, it will be hugely embarrassing for Sony in the wake of the company’s frequent touting of compatibility with an existing software library as one of the key features of PS3, and one of its key advantages over the Xbox 360.”


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