April 19, 2006

Namco Announces Ridge Racer 7 For PlayStation 3

Posted in General at 10:39 pm by corneliusw

Namco this week revealed the development of Ridge Racer 7 for the Sony Playstation 3 in overseas game magazine Famitsu.

The latest sequel, which will include car customization and online multiplayer for up to 14 players, will debut next month at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Namco released Ridge Racer 6 to Microsoft's Xbox 360 console late last year as a launch title. The game saw slow sales in the U.S., however, it held decent sales at launch in Japan.

The Ridge Racer series has become synonymous on Playstation consoles to serve as a launch game for the last two systems and on the PSP handheld.

The exclusive release of Ridge Racer 6 on the Xbox 360 was seen as a coup to Microsoft, however, slow sales will likely dampen the possibility of another exclusive Ridge Racer release for the console.

A trial version of Ridge Racer 6 is currently available for download at no cost on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Credit: Punch Jump


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