April 13, 2006

Toys “R” Us Taking PlayStation 3 Preorders

Posted in General at 1:26 am by corneliusw

– Toys "R" Us is the first major retailer to begin taking PlayStation 3 preorders. Preorders are not being taken on their website, it is only available in the stores located in North America. You are required to make a $50 deposit to preorder the console, 60GB hard drive, two games and a controller.

GameStop has stated that they would not begin taking preorders until after May.



  1. Sharon said,

    I checked with Toys R us in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl.

    It is NOT taking pre-orders until Sony gives them an actual (guarenteed) count of how many consoles they will initially ship to them.

  2. Jason D said,

    Odd, my local Toys “R” Us says ‘we don’t do pre-orders’.

  3. Gary said,

    Same here. The one here in Port Charlotte, Florida, is not taking preorders until they know. Actually, they said “they don’t know.” Eb Games, and Gamespot are not taking preorders either.

  4. Alex said,

    My gamestop is taking pre orders in about 5 days. I cant wait to get a PS3!

  5. cornelius said,

    where u live at Alex? the gamestop here said they haven’t heard about any preorders yet.

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