March 15, 2006

PlayStation 3 Postponed Until November

Posted in General at 2:36 am by corneliusw

In the “who didn’t see this coming?” news of the day Sony has announced that the Playstation 3 won’t be shipping this Spring. A Japanese newspaper is reporting the launch has been pushed back to November in Japan, potentially leaving US high definition gamers PS3-less until 2007. The stated reason for the delay? Copy protection related to the Blu-ray drive. Apparently that preliminary AACS agreement wasn’t enough, or maybe Sony is just planning on slipping a combo (or at least 4x drive) in the unit.

It’s been pretty obvious that the PS3 would slip, with it being March and developers still not having final hardware to work on, but November seems pretty late, it will be interesting to see how they keep the hype machine rolling all year long.

Hopefully we will learn more about Sony’s next generation plans tomorrow.



  1. Roughknite said,

    Wow. That kinda sucks… Seriously, I mean how long have we been awaiting this arrival? Then it is pushed back even more?? Seriously.

  2. Adam said,

    This sucks. This better be the ONLY time it’s pushed back. I’m really looking forward to the PS3. You think they would have gotten the whole Blu-Ray thing figured out a long time ago. But I’m getting used to the big companies letting us down.

  3. Unforgiven said,

    No, this is gr8 news! This means Sony can continue the work on it’s Online Service (so it can beat Xbox live) and besides, This information is still wrong! It will be a worldwide launch on November, not just in Japan! I’ts not a rumor. Bluray will also be much safer (No idiot will be able to chip it that easy) And more games will be ready at the launch (wich is in 8 months) the price wont be over 400$ I would bet 300-350 $ not a buck more! See you , assholes

  4. Zach said,

    Actually, your post isn’t totally accurate.

    According to Sony’s website, the Playstation 3 will be launched simultaneously in the US, Europe, and Japan in November.

  5. Roughknite said,

    I guess I can see how the later launch could in reallity give them the edge on more released games and the improvement of the online community, which by the way, they have announced will be TOTALLY FREE and AS GOOD if not BETTER than Xbox 360’s online service. Awsome.

  6. Ted said,

    Oh ya, I heard that sony is crapping themselfs over the PS3. So far the graphics are inferior to the 360’s and not even close to 1080p. And come on girls, do you really think that a free online service is going to be as good as one you pay for. Tells me something that you get for free that worth a damn. 360 rules, long live the X-Box…

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