March 2, 2006

Sony says Blu-ray specs holding back PlayStation 3

Posted in General at 5:10 am by corneliusw

Sony has said it is still waiting on final specs from the Blu-ray Disc development consortium, and that this could result in a delay in the release of the PlayStation 3.

Although long expected to be released as late as 2007, as recently as last month Sony said it still expected to release the PS3 this Autumn, at least in Japan.

Sony first promised a Northern Spring 2006 release at the Electronic Entertainment Expo last May, and has reiterated the planned launch timing several times since although at least one executive has expressed belief in a later launch.

Sony’s share price fell following a recent Merrill Lynch report predicting a delay in the PS3 release, which Sony dismissed.

With an absence of news and promotions for PlayStation 3 to date, the next-generation console looks to be headed for an end-of-year release to its first markets, in line with long-held expectations of followers of the PS3’s development.


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