February 20, 2006

Sony Says Playstation 3 Still Planned for Spring

Posted in General at 7:32 pm by corneliusw

Just when we thought the whole Playstation 3 release date rumor mill couldn’t get any more out of control, there is a new statement from a Sony official. The financial news giant Bloomberg posted a story that quoted Sony spokesperson Kei Sakaguchi saying “there is no change in our original plan,” and that the Playstation 3 is planned to be released in “spring” of 2006.

Although the company is still sticking to their original statements, the investment community is not believing the story as they take Sony down about 7% in the last two trading days on the Japanese stock exchange. It appears that Sony is trying to release the PS3 in some regions as early as Spring 2006, but they can meet a problem of delayed components and that



  1. Nicholas said,

    The only bad thing about releasing here so early is about the glitches, bugs and so on. Pushing the release date back would be best, maybe summer to fall. But with all new systems we all know that there will be problems. We just have to hope that things will work out for the better.

  2. SGT MJR said,

    It’s all about the cash.

  3. PS3 is simply not ready yet. They are being asked about release date every day and under great pressure, they’re talking about spring as possible date, but we all know that they simply can’t launch PS3 worldwide in spring. And I’m talking here about late spring in best case. They have technology, but obviously, they had (still have) some issues to take care off. In my opinion, it is highly unlikely to make the launch everybody expects with many games, stable hardware and so. Fingers crossed.

  4. even if they do release it, it’ll go through the whole “shortage” of supply in order to boost prices.

  5. RICHIE RICH said,

    i think sony learn alot from what happen to xbox 360 witch was clearly a rush job by mircosoft

  6. Just like I said ealier, at this point, no one should care about possible delays and precitions. Take this artile for example:

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