February 20, 2006

Recruiters Sponsor PlayStation 3 Event

Posted in General at 8:12 am by corneliusw

International recruitment service, Mary-Margaret.com will be the official sponsor for an IGDA-London meeting held on February 22. The meeting will give developers an opportunity to learn more about the PlayStation 3 and talk about the tools used to create its games.

SCEE Technology Group Development Support Manager, George Bain will be the main speaker and is expected to speak on PS3’s exclusive features such as the Blu-ray technology and the Cell processor.

“It’s great that Sony will be doing this presentation here for us at the London Chapter,” commented Dean Butcher, IGDA London President. “Game developers are always excited at the prospect of getting an insight into as yet unreleased platforms, so we’re very much looking forward to the presentation from George. Having Mary-Margaret.com sponsor the event is also a great bonus for us. Mary-Margaret.com has been very active in helping us to promote this event beyond the call of duty and in addition to our thanks; we would like to congratulate them on their first ten years of success. It’s great to see a specialist recruiter for our industry assist in the growth of knowledge and insight that such events give developers in offering to provide sponsorship.”

Credit: IGN


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