February 17, 2006

PlayStation 3 HDD Sold Separately

Posted in General at 3:50 am by playstation3

After months of speculation it appears that Sony’s Playstation 3’s hard drive will be sold seperately. Many people assumed that the HDD would be an extra add-on, but this is the first time that proof has appeared on an official Playstation web site. The products list on the global Playstation site clearly shows the HDD as a seperate product.

SCE Japaneses president Ken Kutaragi hinted some time ago that we could expect an 80 gigabyte size for the PS3 hard disk, double the size of the Xbox 360 HDD.

Famitsu, the Japanese website, well known for having close links with Sony, speculated back in January that ‘The system will ship with a 2.5-inch hard drive slot, with a HDD sold separately.’ It’s also been suggested that an operating system, such as Linux, will be included.

So, currently it seems as though Sony will not be offering bundles, like Microsoft did with the 360, the PS3 hard drive will be a costly extra. No prices have been confirmed by Sony, nor has the news of the HDD been made official.


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