February 17, 2006

NVIDIA Dismiss PS3 Questions

Posted in General at 7:11 pm by corneliusw

Speculation surrounding exactly when, or more specifically won’t, the Playstation3 arrive has reached boiling point in recent days, with US reports alleging a September release in North America and Japan.

Recently NVIDIA dismissed questions during a financial conference call regarding when it expects royalties to arrive from Sony for the RSX graphics chip, a less then subtle attempt to squeeze fresh information, with claims that the Playstation 3 is Sony’s product but suggested that the RSX design has been completed and that “production silicon is in hand”.



  1. Harjit said,

    hi, i just wanted to ask you if ps3 will be coming out in the color silver on November 17, 2006…because it had said a website that it will be launched in clear black and i wanted to get a 60GB silver colored ps3…can you please tell me what colors of the ps3 system will be available on November 17, 2006??????

  2. Wyatt said,

    same with me I want to know to

  3. Joesph said,

    does the playstation3 play playstation2 games

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