February 9, 2006

PS3 Promised For Taipei Game Show

Posted in General at 8:36 pm by corneliusw

Sony is poised to give the PlayStation 3 another public outing – at the Taipei Game Show, which is scheduled to take place between February 16 and 20.

According to the Chinese-language Commercial Times, “Sony’s exhibit will occupy a total of 80 booths at the TGS show, including 20 booths allocated exclusively for the PS3.” Considering that, at the PS3’s TGS outing last September, Sony devoted the vast majority of its floor-space to the PSP and PS2, it seems the company finally prepared to ditch its coyness concerning the next-gen console.

Whether visitors to the Taiwanese show will be the first to get hands-on time with the PS3 – rather than the rolling demos that have been shown up until now – is unknown, however. Sony is currently trotting out the official line that it won’t make any comments about the console until E3 in May.

However, with Microsoft due to launch its Xbox 360 in Taiwan on March 16, the Taipei Game Show provides Sony with an ideally-timed opportunity for a cheeky spoiler.


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