January 6, 2006

Samsung BD-1000 new Blu Ray player. And PS3?

Posted in Accessories, General, news & rumors, Off Topic at 6:05 pm by playstation3

samsung bd 1000 blu ray player

Samsung is working on a new Blu Ray player, the BD-1000. 

Misteries of the market… 

It’s going to ship this spring (United States only).

What does it mean? 

Simple… Probably, PS3 will NOT be released in the Spring.

Let’s cross fingers…



  1. Bryan said,

    Just because the first “dedicated Blou-ray player will cmoe out in the spring doesn’t mean the Ps3 won’t be released in the spring, the PS3 being an all-purpose device. People should just accept the fact that Sony is going to keep its word.

  2. stabani said,

    with the idea of a redesign of the controller in context, i have my doubts about sony releasing in spring, however, their word is the word, and thus, am still couting on the spring date, since, well, xbox would have way too long of a lead.

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