January 2, 2006

Killzone PS3 footage was pre-render

Posted in General at 10:53 am by playstation3

I found out something pretty interesting about the (very discussed) PS3 killzone footage.

Take a look at it :)


Okay, I’m going to have to lock this thread because it’s getting heated again… sigh…

A couple of things to mention though…

First, we have stated up here before that the earlier versions of the PS3 dev kits were not final specs and we could not produce real-time at the proper frame rate on them for E3.

Second, we have stated that the video was done to specs. Let me explain something about game development. There are very, very few development teams that have the time and manpower to do every single bit of the in-game movies themselves and still get the game done. We outsource all the time. One of the benefits to having standard tools in the industry light LightWave and Maya is that you can exchange actual models, textures, etc with others using the same program. That means you can provide assets and offload the work of putting them all together to someone else.

Third, we stated that this video represents what we believe is achievable on the PS3. I’ll dance around my NDA restrictions just a bit to say that I’ve seen graphics coming together at Guerrilla that support this claim.

Fourth, if you look at the credits for KZ1 – you’ll see that we used Axis before. Doesn’t it make sense to use a proven vendor when you need to outsource work? Especially when under the gun to complete something for a presentation? One who is able to work with your assets and development pipeline? Just think about it…

Fifth – if I say anymore, I risk getting chewed out by my bosses – so I’m stopping here.



  1. Roughknite said,

    Even after this, I still think it is very possible the footage was NOT pre-rendered. I guess we will still have to wait for it all to come out before we will really know.

  2. Henning said,


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