January 2, 2006

Is PS3 very undefined?

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According to Richard Huddy, European Developers Relations Manager for ATI, the Playstation 3, for all its technological advancements is just a bumbling mess in comparison to the Xbox 360.

Huddy, who worked on development of the Xbox 360, in an interview with Edge Magazine told the magazine that the Playstation 3 is basically a souped-up amalgamation of existing PC architecture without much consideration for making developers happy with its design. He questions Sony’s partnership with Nvidia, adding that the giant video game company chose to forego compromises in design, than compromises in hardware when it went with a customized version of Nvdia’s 7800GTX.

Interviewer: “You make it sound so unrefined!”

Huddy: “[Laughs.] Well, yeah, but the tragedy is that it is unrefined. There’s a lot brute force in there – I’d be the last person to admit it, but the truth is that the 7800GTX is a pretty powerful piece of hardware, but it’s not very elegant … Instead it’s been put together at the end of quite a complicated process.”

Huddy had fighting words for Sony. “Our GPUs instead are custom-designed components, and that’s one of the fundamental reasons why I think Xbox 360 technology is likely to outperform PlayStation 3 technology by a pretty healthy margin in the long run.”

Huddy might have a natural bias against the Playstation 3, having been involved in the Xbox 360 development process; and as an ATI employee, competing directly against Nvidia. Are his words truthful?

Fanatic’s review:

Eat my shoe

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