December 30, 2005

PS3 coming out for CES

Posted in General at 4:00 pm by playstation3

Playstation UK website has revealed their plan of the coming CES on January 4, 2006 – The PS3 will be on the show!

As the 4th installment of the PS family, PS3 has been burdened with very important missions – The start point of the Cell processor; the trailbreaker for the Blu-ray standard; the reign of full-scale HD era… Too much to expect, and it’s very close.

Sony 2006 CES Official Website already launched and opened for event’s registrations days ago. Registrations for Sony 2006 CES can be done on the site,  [here].


  1. Dre25 said,

    when is the ps3 coming out

  2. DESPERATE joe said,

    awwww god !!!!, how i wish i knew ! any luck findin out any 1 plz?

  3. pat said,

    when is ps3 coming out in the us

  4. jessica said,

    hi WHEN IS THE PS3 CUMIN OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. jordan said,

    wen are ps3 coming out this is taking the mik!!!!!!

  6. jordan said,

    fuck you sony

  7. rubens dasilve said,

    i just found out that the ps3 is comin out this nov 17 2006 and it was all sold out in japan in 45 mins and they are shiping 100 millon ps3 to america so get your money ready

  8. oli evans said,

    My brother has a friend that works for sony and the release date of the PS3 is in march in 2007

  9. luke said,

    I am fend up for sticking up for sony, When the hell is the ps3 comming out!!! The cheek of it at least let us know when it is comming out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. luke said,

    sorry i mean fed*

  11. DBZ maniac said,

    itz cumin out in march fukerz duno wen in march but itz cumin out in march definitly if not im gona go mental !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. alboshqipe said,

    hik pjerdhu man shkoni ke per te ber dashuri edhe te chat edhe te ndegjoni muzik.

  13. Beth said,

    ps3 is coming out in march or may 2007

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