December 28, 2005

XBox 360 Cracked – First ISO available?

Posted in General, news & rumors at 11:04 am by playstation3

I missed a pretty interesting article from CDFreaks a couple of weeks ago.

Let’s see :)

At the moment the Xbox360 is probably the most attractive option for crackers and therefore it comes at no suprise that people are already trying to bypass the security of this console. While it is expected that it will be very difficult and maybe even impossible, the DVD file system has already been determined and the first ISO has been released, for educational purposes of course.

The ISO has been released by a group called Team Pi and besides the release of the ISO they also made a tool available that helps in reading the files inside the ISO file. The ISO is pretty useless for normal users, it will not boot on the Xbox 360.

They also released an open-source tool to extract these releases (basicly it’s an ‘x360-ISO extractor’) so you can check out the files in the image. It will NOT work on original discs as a PC DVD-ROM can’t read those. Just like the original Xbox (xdvdfs) the 360 does not use the ISO9660 or UDF filesystem for the content on game DVDs. This tools allows you to extract the files from an image in the ‘Xbox 360 DVD file system’, it does NOT bypass the protection that prevents you from reading an original Xbox 360 disc on your PC.

Haha :) Cool. That’s why I love Playstation 3’s Blu-Ray!



  1. Dan said,

    I read an article on that a group of hackers have already hacked the 360.

  2. Andrew said,

    That’s why i love DMR also. . . it’s just better for the consumer.

  3. How said,

    That’s why i love xbox. LOL!

  4. jo said,

    Haha :) Cool. That’s why I love Playstation 3’s Blu-Ray!

  5. xboxgmer said,

    you guys are retarded, ps3 is most likely not going to use blu ray, and if they did, it wouldnt be long before they were cracked either, playstation 3 might read bluray but it wont be pratical for sony or the comsumer to use them for games. God damn blogging is so retarded, i search for usefull information and i have to dig through all this garbage to find it

  6. Snake said,

    Hey xboxgmer..You are the one retarded my friend.I dont know whether to laugh at your stupid comment or curse you for your ignorant country ass.
    It looks like you were on a expedition to congo for past few years,thats the only explaination for your dumbass comments…blu-ray is the medium for PS3 as PS3 supports 1080p and no media other than blu-ray supports 1080p.Infact PS3 will also play blu ray movies.
    Your comment,” playstation 3 might read bluray but it wont be pratical for sony or the comsumer to use them for games”…Did this made sense in your dumb brain when you were writing this xbox fanboy.
    Do one thing post this exact message on IGN boards and watch your ass kicked a few million times.I feel violated replying to a stupid message.

  7. Phil said,

    wow….. calm down fan boys….. don’t get your ps2 panties or xbox panties ruffled.

    The PS3 isn’t even out yet, so calm down or I’ll take your lunch money.

    Will the 360 be modified… yes

    Will the PS3 be hackable…. yes, only thing is, none of us will be able to afford the drive to make it manageable for us.

  8. chris said,

    why does everyone talk about blue ray . as we speak that technology is outdated . and you must be hoping that blue ray actually explodes just like sony is hoping for because if hd dvd wins which it looks like there getting the lead for rights = consumer demand than good bye blue ray. all youll be able to watch is sony movies have fun. stop thinkiing of technology and start thinking of economy.

  9. Psp Game r said,

    Lol that was fast 8). Bill gates sucks.

  10. JerJer Boinks said,

    The Ps3 is gonna rock so much!! For starters they are gonna have Blu Ray Discs which means 50GB games and 1080p resolution! Secondly all Ps3’s will come with a 60GB HHD! Holy Hell!! And they are going to sell every Ps3 at first for a loss! Heck the Blu ray player itself would normally cost $500 and the Ps3’s Technology is by far exceeding the 360. The 360 never made the jump up from DVD to the next generation DVD. They released all there 360 with the standard DVD drive in it meaning 9GB games instead of 50GB games with the PS3. Sounds pretty crappy to me. Then they said later that they will be selling HD-DVD drives that you can attach to your 360 and watch HD-DVD movies. Well LADEE FRICKIN DA!! It doesn’t play games on it and the game manufacturers aren’t making there games with the HD-DVD technology. The PS3 is by far the more superior Gaming system. In essence the only difference between the XBOX and 360 is that tehy changed the box and added a better graphics card and a little better processor.

  11. JerJer Boinks said,

    There was a typo in my last post not HHD- HDD sorry.

  12. cool_recep said,

    JerJer Boinks


    You are right man.PS3 will rock the whole world….İt will bring us the future of gaming…Just think the experience of sony…This is enough to know ps3…

    we willl
    we willllllll rock you………..

  13. JerJer Boinks said,


  14. Snoddas said,


  15. A pain in the ass said,

    “DRM is better for the consumer”.

    Some people really are fucking retarded.
    The violation of people’s privacy is better for the consumers?
    If they cant protect products with better and more consumer friendly
    ways than all this shit, i dont give a fuck about their revenue loss.

    Oh and for the record I do own legitimate games, software, windows xp and other stuff. Last time the fucking windows installer kept asking me about my cd key even after activation – it was a nightmare making it work. I even thought about using a crack on the product i bought. Jeesh ….

  16. Takster said,

    JerJer Boinks, your the typical fanboy. Loyal to a fucking brand. Who gives a shit what either system uses, as long as the games are good.

    Sony and M$ love you little PR wannabes running around doing the job for free.
    Sad. And fuck DRM, pandora or someone will crack that shit one day. Fo sure.

  17. cebius said,

    I don’t think some people know what bluray means for PS3 games. Just because a game is on blueray (or dvd for that matter) doesn’t mean what resolution the game will play at. It’s not media dependent, but hardware dependent. If the processor can render the graphics fast enough to give a resolution of 1080p, then it does not matter about the size of the media. You could probably have a decent game (without cenematics) play with amazing graphics in 1 gb. Now for pre-rendered cenematics, that’s a differnent story. This means the graphics were pre-rendered into a sepearte video file using a specific video codec, and if you encode a video at 1080 resolution, you will need the 50 GB bluray disc to hold the videos. But if you want a game with pre-render cenematics, why don’t you just go watch the latest pixar film, and stop worrying about which console to use

  18. Just-A-Gamer said,

    You will only notice a vast difference in the games when a game is PS3 only.
    And since sony have lost most of there big name exclusives and microsoft are seemingly BUYING the gaming industry these will be few and far between.
    If you don’t belive me then look at past history and all multi format releases have been almost identical with the exception of a few menu options here and there or “exclusive” characters.
    Xbox owned PS2 in the power stakes but you never really noticed.
    Stop being such fanboys and buy them both like i will.
    PS. If you don’t have a £1500 HD TV then save loads of money and buy a Wii. lol.
    360 rules…….. for the moment???

  19. Azzurra said,

    Buon luogo, congratulazioni, il mio amico!

  20. mark said,

    iv hack my 360 just flash the drive how easy is that

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