December 27, 2005

XBox 360 Malfunctioning?

Posted in General, news & rumors at 1:36 pm by playstation3

I just found out this comment in the comment list of the XBox vs PS3 price war:


Message: I got a new xbox 360 for Christmas and the driver is already malfunctioning;  have to put my games in over and over again to get them to load right; i am going to take my 360 back to circuit city tomorrow, and hopefully I will get my money back; man, I am pissed off; These new generation game systems are said to be so great, but this is ridiculous; they put all this effort into making better graphics, but they can even design an efficient driver; well I can go on and on about how mad I am; JUST WANTED TO LET YOU ALL KNOW ABOUT THIS PROBLEM.

Well.. nice to know :)

This is the Holy punishment for early Microsoft buyers!

Microsoft keeps giving out MALFUNCTIONING things. Just like Windows.



  1. jesus said,

    as you said, Just like Windows… hehe…

    Viva PlayStation!!!!

  2. jesus said,

    here’s a video of an Xbox crashing…

  3. Gan said,

    I agree that Microsoft has hurt customers with console problems from day one. However Playstation itself is far from error free. Their DVD drives are much worse in many instances, with many loosing their ability to play games after a year’s use. Also, 1st issue PS2’s had faulty fans and power units which burnt the system out, out of warranty, making it a very expensive door stop. I wouldn’t scoff at MS when sony is as bad or worse when it comes to “quality” hardware.

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