December 22, 2005

XBox 360 vs Playstation 3: the battle goes on

Posted in General, Off Topic at 3:06 pm by playstation3

I love you guys :)… When I posted about the mighty XBox 360 vs Playstation 3 battle in THIS POST I wouldn’t ever think it would generate more than 100 comments.

rice, m-man, Velocity, max and the others are generating a really interesting discussion on the argument. And it just required a little moderation to prevent flames (and some spam from a guy called Michael always posting about how good his mom was…).

Keep going on :)



  1. Susan.S said,

    Personally I think in the end the only thing that matters is whether the console delivers the exclusive games you want.You like Halo ? you need a 360.You want Metal Gear Solid 4 ( I think it’s exclusive ) You are gonna need a PS3.
    So it’s 6 of one half dozen of the other.

  2. I totally agree with you Susan.
    This always was my point, over all those technical babblings.

  3. Phil said,

    Lucky for me i get to test out the PS3 before or when it comes out! This is because I know one of the devolopers for the first PS1 processor… so i hope it comes out evan better than the xbox360.

  4. jay said,

    it all comes down to this
    you can play all your old play station 1 2 games on it so you dont have to buy that many games again you have a free blu ray player and a next gen console
    microsoft on the other half wants to take over the world he already did it with computers and now his trying to do it with the video game world i sure for one amd not getting no xbox haha take that fan boys lol

  5. cam said,

    jay i hope u know that the 360 costs 400 dallors and the ps3 costs 650 dallors and with bundles the xbox costs 510 and in a ps3 bundle is said by sony to cost 710 ow u have fun buying youre crapy ps3 that will break in a week now i bet your u are really excited about blue ray mhm one scach on a blue ray disc a tiny scrach u cant see and its broken now for the games halo3 vs mgs4 what ever meatel gear is fun butt its no halo i had a ps2 before now when comes down to looks u can customize a xbox 360 with plates now for the ps3 it looks like a george forman grill! and only has 3 colors to pick from lets take look at the online play microsoft mhm. when think microsoft i think online and when i think online i think xbox mhm. the ps2 online sucked so so will the ps3 compared to the xbox 360 online mhm im going put my self on the line and say that the online on the oringinal xbox will better than the ps3 now what do we have so far looks xbox wins online xbox 360 wins and the most games xbox wins and cdrom xbox wins because of scraches and ill leave with xbox wins halo 3 is going to rule 7 controlers what the f##k

  6. Halo King said,

    PS3 is for dumbasses who love to play dumbass games who live a dumbass life!!! PS3 basically stole 360’s controller layout format by making it similar to the 360’s. And do you know why the PS3 chose to come out after the 360? Because they wanted to get a hold of our technology and try to improve on us, in other words, they get a chance to be better than 360. Could you imagine how the PS3 would look like of they came out with their system first? Did you see their first crappy controller? They changed it because they saw how ridiculous it was compared to the 360. And the looks matter if your a picky person. I personally like the 360 because of its design. And the one game that the PS3 piece of shit doesn’t have is the Halo franchise and when Halo 3 comes out, PS3 will piss itself. For all you PS3 lovers, you can all go to hell!!!

  7. Ted said, ray is set only for europe.Which means u.s and asain game developers are not going to make a version only for europeans .2.the only advantage sony ever had was that gta would come out sooner not sure if that holds true for ps3.3.metal gear 4 is going to 360 due to the fact that they simply wont make enough money which leaves sony with very little to offer the fan boys.4.ps3 has stumbled into the next gen race and everyone knows it.5. final fantasy is terrible.6.blu ray is for europe only stupid but arent famous for realiabilty my ps2 broke like 4 times xbox never has.
    Perhaps microsoft and Bill have “taken over the world” but only because the do what they do well.they didnt make a mad dash to next gen and alienate all there customers.

  8. D-JAY said,

    Iv noticed dat the PS3 and a piece of shit have a lot in common they stink and come in 3 different colors Xbox360 looks can be kept freash at all times by customization 2 bad for Ps3 or Piece of shit 3. if u have a ps3 u should just shoot ur self or get a life

  9. munkybouy said,

    Why get something shit (such as the ps3) when you can get a xbox360 1.ps3 looks like a foreman grill 2.ps3 aint got halo 3.the price of the ps3 was set by retards have to by special blu-ray dvds(retarded again).
    the list goes on so whoever has got a japanese foreman grill should commit suicide cos its so shit

  10. PS3-Hater said,

    No exclusiv Downloads for the PS3-Version of GTA IV, but for the best console – Xbox 360!
    If you’re a GTA-Fan don’t buy the shitty, whack PS3!
    Its Cell Processor makes it impossible to develop games right!
    PS3 is crap and stands for Piss and Shit 3

  11. The Oficial PS3 Hater / GTA Fan said,

    @ Yeah Right, tell them PS3-Motherfucker’s what’s right, no exlucives for GTA,
    Everybody who have a PS3, has too much money to waste or has no functioning brain! I hate the PS3, everybody who has a PS3 is a little dick bastard, suck’s on the tits of his mother and her pussy, is a GTA-Hater – I will kill every GTA-Hater 4 real! PS3 is a big piece of shit, cuz the PS3 sucks motherfuckin’ ass ‘n’ dicks

    No good games for that shit avalible, nothing to do with a shit like this,

    PS3-Lovers I hope you all gonna die!
    N64 make more fun to play as the stupid PS3, everybody who buys a ps3 supports North Korea for building Nuclear weapons!!! You Shithead, you buttheads…

    So many offenses to mention…

    Yeah, wii, 360 ‘n’ PC rocks this World / PS3 sucks ass
    If you want to be cool buy a 360 or a wii – not a whack, shitty PS3
    Paris Hilton stacks in her Pussy a PS3 – all you PS3-Fangays suck my dick!!!!

    PS3 is the only reason 4 the war of the consoles, cuz all PS3-lovers have a tiny dicks and are jealous about the dick-size of wii and 360-Fanboys!!!

    PS3-Players are so stupid they pay so much and gotten a whack GTA IV-Version without the cool, awesome Downloads!!!!

    PS3- is short for Pussy Sucker xxx(3)

  12. jerry said,

    u xbox fanboys are fucked up.just lisin to urselfs you sound so jealous.

  13. Franky Kampmann said,

    RELLY GOOD PS3 EXCLUESIVES-1 metal gear soild 4…………..2- tekken 6 3-ninja gaiden sigma 4- Resistance: Fall of Man 5 -Killzone 2 6-Heavenly Sword 7- SOCOM 4 US Navy SEALs 8-Lair 9-Time Crisis 4 (with Guncon) 10-god of war 3 11-Gran Turismo HD 12- Silent Hill V 13-Unreal Tournament III 14-The Getaway 3 15-Haze 16-WarDevil: Enigma 17-infamous—————- RELLY GOOD XBOX360 EXCLUESIVES— 1.HALO 3 2-gears of war 3-Fable 2 4-Dead or Alive 4 5.bioshocK—-THATS ALL AND I WAS BEING NICE WHEN I GIVE YOU BIOSHOCK AS ONE……I DARE SOMEONE TO TRY AND NAME MORE XBOX 360 EXCLUESIVES GO AHEAD AND POST IT

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