December 15, 2005

Unreal Tournament UT 2007 Screenshots

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I’ve got them! :)

Thanks to PS3 Updates (and Kotaku) I’m giving out some cooooooOoOol screenshot of our favourite Third Person shooter. Unreal tournament 2007 screenshots for everyone :)

Unreal-tournament-2007-screenshot1.jpg Unreal-tournament-2007-screenshots7.jpg Unreal-tournament-2007-screenshot3.jpg

Unreal-tournament-2007-screenshot5.jpg Unreal-tournament-2007-screenshot2.jpg Unreal-tournament-2007-screenshot4.jpg

just Click the UT 2007 screenshots’ thumbnail to enlarge it.

Well… I’m not sure they come from the PS3 version, but it shouldn’t be so far, in any case…


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