December 12, 2005

Final Fantasy 7 PS3

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Cloud Strife, THE man.

I’m writing this post as I’m particularry excited about the eventuality of a Final Fantasy 7 PS3 remake, expecially after I took another look at the “Technical Demo” by GameSpot.

Just in case you didn’t know, Final Fantasy 7 is not only the best chapter in the series, but (IMHO) one of the best videogames EVER. Its story is a romance. An exciting experience. A great adventure.

Now, if you never playied FF7, please buy a PS1 and play it. Even if you don’t like RPGs. THEN, come back here to discuss about games :)

I used Cloud, Red XII and Barrett (and, eventually, Vincent Valentine) – what a party :)…

And I am not alone :)… they organized a petition for a final fantasy 7 ps3 remake !!!

Almost 6000 signatures, leave yours as well.



  1. jerry garcia said,

    i agree that they should remake ff7 for the ps3. all i have to say is that they should leave the game play and storyline. dont try to fix something that isnt broken. if they tried to make it better i think that they will screw it up.redo it but dont touch it

  2. Jo Bloggs said,


  3. Reece French said,

    yea ff7 is the best game ever once i finished the game i just started again i didnt seem to get tired of it. Hope they do make a new ff7 for ps3 i KNOW i will buy it.

  4. paul said,

    hi im recently got the ff7 advent children on dvd from hong kong with subtitles and its fantastic the graphics are phenominal. i am all for ff7 to be remade. theres been romours of it being remade for months but when i saw gamespots tech demo i know that there was a defenate possibilityw ff7 is the best of the series and it would excellent to play it on the ps3 with the way technology is advancing it would be an honor to play it on the ps3 and not forgetting it would be excellent. lets hope they do

  5. G said,

    Ive heard from one friend that its apparently been confirmed at a press conference. Just a flying “Yes” to the question is all that would be said. Also all the big games sites shoot that down and its also apparently been confirmed that it will NOT be remade.

    I dont know either way

  6. IJJI said,


  7. kof chris said,

    let´s hope this game can make our hearts very open to what we have seen from the the first ff7… i hope the remake in ps3 won´t be late

  8. robert terry said,

    They should remake it and i think they will to. Its a popular thing with games nowadays. And as far as best in the series i dont know about that. Dont get me wrong i beat the game like 10 just because it was that good, however In my personnal opinion FF3 has the best story line and game “engine” as far as character depth and how spells work. But its apples and oranges if you ask me there both really great games for two different systems. Just my 2 Gil.

  9. Chad Bruner said,

    I have a friend who knows for sure that it is being remade for the PS3. He gets all the info on this type of stuff. All we have to do now is sit back and try to contain ourselves until it arrives. I honestly can’t wait and hope they hurry!

  10. Kent Svendsberget said,

    Nobody said that it was decided that it was discontinued!!! they just need more time to complete their other projects like kingdom hearts 2 and FFVII Crisis Core, Before crisis and the FF12 game…

    It’s wierd that they didn’t stop one of their projects like FF3 remake and FF12. And started on the FF7 remake instead!!! They would make BILLIONS. The fact is that to keep the FF7 spirit up and ensure the success of BeforeCrisis, CrisisCore, Dirge of cerebus and movie Advent children they need an remake!!! I mean… the game is old and is no longer sold in stores others than ebay!!! ALL HAIL squareSOFT\ENIX!!!!!!!!


  11. Anthony Deinum said,

    Hello, just like all of you fans I’m hoping ff7 would be remade.
    But I hope it will be like the original, only better graphics (And maybe a lil more about Yuffie and Vincent).
    But my thoughts of Square remaking it are pretty high, I mean why would they make a demo of the game we love so much, to give us hope for nothing?
    And besides…..we would kill Square if they dind remake it right :P?

  12. FF7 ROCKS MY SOCKS said,

    i have recently found ff7 lieing at home, i tried to play it but it was too scratched :( i took to to a place that cleans disks AND THEY F****** BROKE IT /wrists. i never got to play this game so if they make a remake of ff7 i will buy it for sure and if they dont im gonna kill the person who broke my ff7 disk thank you

  13. Daniel O said,

    i would think if they were to remake ff7 for the ps3, they would get a hell of a lot of sales for the console. i would buy one for sure the day it comes out

  14. Connor said,

    all they should change is the graphics and spoken dialogue. some of the times when barrett swore and the #@!#@!@$*&% popped up, it was kind of confusing. Storyline great, original camera angles great, characters great. just use the character models from Advent Children.

  15. cgs said,

    if they dont make and remake after releasing advent children and the tech demo as teasers i would have to go on a rampage at square.

  16. Aaron said,

    my cousin showed me the techincal demo and i freaked, final fantasy VII was the first of the series i played and still the best, its the only playstation game ive kept out of storage and with my ps2 games. so far i haven’t really been pumped for buying the new systems but if final fantasy VII came out i know i would buy the ps3 in a heartbeat, just like i do every time a zelda game comes out, if i dont own the system already i’ll buy it.

  17. dale said,

    i think that the remake of the ff7 can only be good news for the players and lovers of the game, i have read the comment appove and that if they didn’t release it again then a rampage would be needed.

  18. Danny B 06 said,

    I agree that a remake can only be good for gamers and lovers of the series alike. I think that this was much needed and anticipated in the gaming world. I would bring Square-Enix to the ground if they didn’t remake this game!!!

  19. Dale 'n' Danny said,

    Cloud Strife, THE man.

    I’m writing this post as I’m particularry excited about the eventuality of a Final Fantasy 7 PS3 remake, expecially after I took another look at the “Technical Demo” by GameSpot.

    Just in case you didn’t know, Final Fantasy 7 is not only the best chapter in the series, but (IMHO) one of the best videogames EVER. Its story is a romance. An exciting experience. A great adventure.

    Now, if you never playied FF7, please buy a PS1 and play it. Even if you don’t like RPGs. THEN, come back here to discuss about games :)

    I used Cloud, Red XII and Barrett (and, eventually, Vincent Valentine) – what a party :)…

    And I am not alone :)… they organized a petition for a final fantasy 7 ps3 remake !!!

    Almost 6000 signatures, leave yours as well.

    Am i Mistaken, Or Is The Actual Name Red XIII (Or Nanaki) And Not Red XII

  20. Tom said,

    Ok so im REALLY happy there gonna make one but does anyone have any hard proof, all i here is one line quots about how they would really like 2 and how there r thinking about it.

  21. Faded Anima said,

    Well here it is guys, i dont know if its true but i was lookin on the internet and this is what i found

    I dunno if its true or not but reading that made me soooo happy!!! If it is true then my prayers have been answered, i just hope that it really is true , there is no doubt that if they made a remake they would be making millions, i would actually buy two copys of that game, one for playing n one for show,

  22. Fake name said,

    I want PS3 Final fantasy 7 please:)!!!?

  23. 7 master said,

    I have completed every inch of the game and beat like a thousand times since its release and would love to see it in all its PS3 glory it gets my vote!

  24. Hardcore gamer said,

    oh my god a petition now thats sad true final fantasy fans wont care about the remake on the ps3. Also the battle sytem is staying the same their only changing a couple thnigs. And yes ff7 is the best game in the series and the next one would be ff9.

  25. dillydallyshillyshalley said,

    hay sony should like bribe square enix to remake ff7 so people will buy a ps3.yeah thay should have a remake but like have more of Yuffie and Vincent like someone else sed cos like they seem (not official) if u get me…dayum i dont even think thea in any CGIs bt thats undastandable since those characters are optional…and and have a bit more about the whole Zack,Cloud,Sephiroth encounter in the reactor cos seriously i dont get it…..its like who killled who…or if thay even are killed…or ina coma…hmm?!.and they should have voices in the remake..nothing better than hearing your character swing thea sword in scream ”YAH!” or sum asian line wen ur in a battle…bt also have an option wea u can disable the voices cos i know sum ppl get pisd off from that stuf….hmm or am i askin for too much….lol anyway im all for a ff7 remake
    Cya Gamerz!!!!

  26. Cloud 88 said,

    Square-enix should know that if FF7 were to be remade they qould get a crap load of money???
    Seeing how that FF7 is the most CHERISED final fantasy ever made!!!!!!!!! Cmon Square- Enix Please Remake Final Fantasy 7, it cant be maybe for an answer it has to be an ” Were definitly remaking FF7″

  27. Dirk said,

    dude if ps3 remade ff7, not only would the original fans of it buy it, but the younger gamers would probably buy it too. it was already the best game. they need to remake it to make it even better. than ill play it and die happily.

  28. Pieskip - Final fantasy said,

    hey,,iv completed all the final fantasys made for the ps1 and wen it came to the ps2 it become boring. i mean final fantasy 10 was just…..not the same… i think they SHOULD DEFINATLY MAKE THE REMAKE for final fantasy 7 BUT i think they should also do a remake for my favourite…Final fantasy 8! i don’t think the company realise how much money theyll make…maybe the problem is that they just can’t do it anymore…since final fantasy 10 theyve let us down


  29. Lanze said,

    It’s great to hear that FF7 remake is in production. I really really hope that either Nobuo Uematsu himself do/upgrade the tracks, or might just use the original ones.

    For me, the soundtracks are 50% of the reason why I find FF7 is soo great. They are in concert with the theme of the game.

    I am not much into console gaming, but if this game is out and faithful to original, I will definitely buy PS3 even if this is the only good game available, play it till the end and die happily.

  30. Kris Wagner said,

    Final Fantasy 7 is without a doubt the best final fantasy chapter EVER!!!!!!!!! I think they should remake it. Don’t touch the story or battle system, clean up the graphics, add new items, weapons, and armor, some new bosses that the japanese version only got and leave it at that.

  31. troy said,

    i loved final fantasy 7, imagine the amount of people that would but a remake i would, it would be my only reason to buy a ps3.
    iv never enjoyed a game like i did ff7 its the only game that made me cry(poor aeris) please make a remake.

  32. George Wootton said,

    iam acctually playing ff7 on the ps2 right now and id probably camp outside the game shop if the remake came out. when my brother first played it and he got to the part where sephiroth went to see his mother (Jenova) i was scared out my pants because the song is really scary, i was only 6.

  33. Da Pimp said,

    I’ve played ff7 at least 6 times and i nevet got bored of it the story was awesome the game was a complete sucess so why not just remake it it would be a total success i mean if there is a petition for it cmon people its a sign MAKE THE GAME FOR CRYING OUTLOUD its going to be the only reason i get a ps3 really if they make it because the other new ff’s just arnt cuttin it after 10 they just blew so cmon and remake 7 and bring ya’lls rep up again

  34. Bob Doel said,

    The game was ausome i loved the game so much i beat the game as soon as i finished. i still play it alot and I have all these new games with ausome graphics so Please Please make a remake of final fantasy 7 you might not realizase it but you would make billions of dollars off the system and off the game it self.

  35. Daniel Sargeant said,

    i am by far the greatest RPG gamer in the world and love final fantasy more than most other in the world. i have collected Everything from FF7 (And i’m serious) i can so far and am still collecting even more things. I saw the movie Advent Children and the Tech Demo. i have asked around and search for ages trying to find infomation on FF7 Remake… i hate to break it to most of you, but FF7 remake isn’t garenteed as of yet. They had never had any intention on remaking it. the demo was just that, a demo. But because of most of the petitons and forums as such, it isn’t really a case of if a ff7 remake will happen, but when it’ll happen. The Square Enix told out to the world there would be a Final Fantasy for Ps3, but didn’t give it a number. so people would hope and believe it was 7, however i just recently found out that they’ve names it XIII and it isn’t 7. with all of this shattered hope of mine, i still refuse to give up hoping. It’s about time we did more than sit and wait for them to get their brains working and realise that an FF7 Remake is a goldmine, crystal mine and Oil field all in one. The money they’d make off of that would be AMAZING. Plus it’d also be great for PS3 since alot more people would be at the stores fronts at four in the morning waiting for it to open to rush in and buy the PS3 and FF7 together before stock runs out and sales would last probably for months and money would be raking in. Those guys at Enix are toying with us and i don’t like it. that petition is a good idea, but it obviosly isn’t doing any good since i’ve seen sites like IGN saying is been confirmed that they are NOT making it! How dare they! Thay can’t do that! they can’t bring a tech demo getting hopes up, not telling us FF ps3’s number and getting hoes HIGHER just to rip them down again! I think it’s about time someone made a stand and told them not that they should do it, but that they HAVE NO CHOICE but to do it. if enix members are fans like they say they are, then why the HELL aren’t they making it again. all i want is a revamped FF7 and maybe with the 2 other storylines they knocked off in it. what? you ask? It’s true, the game was going to have 3 endings. one where Aeris died, one where she didn’t, and another where she did but came back. they had to cut them out because of hurrying production.
    sorry fo talking so long, but i’ve gone from being happy to sad to completely p*ss*d off. if you with me, lets do something about this, if your not, then who are you to call yourself a FAN of Final Fantasy 7.

  36. Jes[u]s said,

    Square Enix better make a remake after Advent Children, all these other games, and not to mention that tech demo.

    Or, I would be very sad. v.v

  37. Cloudy said,

    I understand that Square Enix is really busy with other releases such as FF XIII crystal chronicles for mobile phones,nintendo ds,& PS3.But I hope Square Enix understands the depth of emotion & commotion that they have caused with the tech demo FF7.To them,the movie Advent Children which continues the FF7 story 2 years later is enough.But that’s not what the fans asked for.The fans are asking for a FF7 remake for a game system.PS2 would’ve been perfect because you can play the original also.Now we are counting on the PS3 release of the remake.Yes,there are many rumors flying around stating that there is consideration for a remake,that there is’nt,& that they’re secretly making it.But remember,a few years back there were also rumors of a remake that never happened.The only difference now is that we have the tech demo that shows us how it would look like.Overall,we all can make a difference this time around.Some people may say that petitions don’t do anything,but I totally disagree.Those people are the ones that already lost hope & just gave up too fast.When they receive all these signatures from diehard FF fans.Then they will finally began to see that they can almost triple their profits by releasing a $50 game as oppose to a $20 movie.So to all my FF brothers & sisters,if you want to make a difference.Then type in final fantasy 7 remake on google & sign every single petition you can find just like I did.Additionally,you can also go directly to square enix’s site & swamp them with e-mails demanding a FF7 remake.Also,tell all your friends,family, & relatives to spread the news & what they can do to help speed up this remake process.It’s time that square enix listen to the fans that they are about to lose,dammit.Maybe after all this trouble,we all can finally get a release date out of square enix.

  38. Daniel Sargeant said,

    Cloudy, i couldn’t agree more… it’s about time they did something WE wanted and not what they think they should. I’m already working on forcing them into production. ^_^

  39. Adam said,

    That would be the best thing to happen to ps3 in my thoughts//

    to whoever used Nanaki in ff7 and beat emerald weapon tell me – i shoulda used tifa or cid seeing how there FL’s are amazing

    and ps3 is going to own

  40. Teng Ng said,

    Cloud, Barret and Cid has the best level 4 limit breaks ever…..
    And is the best RPG i ever played on PC …. 4 enermy skill materials max skill KEKE!


  41. Teng Ng said,

    Emerald and Ruby weapon are small fry…. especially ruby weapon

  42. Teng Ng said,

  43. Janice said,

    I want a final fantasy VII remake!!! PLEASE!

  44. Sean Cross said,

    Best Rpg ever made!!!! It must be updated and have it’s flawless creativity expressed through the superior computer Playstation 3!!!!!!!!!

  45. sephiroth 3000 said,

    im new here an av red all ur comments and agree they shud remake ff7 but leave it as it is da only fing i wud like 2 c is wen u complete the game new costumes 4 characters eg cloud in shinra outfit or cloud has zacks apearence , barret with dyne’s appearence, vincent in shinra suit as u c him in the small flashback b4 u get his ultimate weapon these costumes wud make the game better as we will all play it agen an agen it will giv it a little change so everythin isnt exactly the same everytime u play it

  46. Timmy The Toe said,

    Cmon! of course they should remake it not really change anything maybe some things, (not all) it was / is the best FF! soo take that thumb out your butt and remake it!!!

  47. Axem said,

    This appears to me to be the classic tease. The evidence is there… a lengthy tech demo that would have taken precious time and rescources to create; a movie, spin offs, everything in the world to tease the community. FF 7 ps3 is coming…. The makers are just trying to make us beg for it. I mean, they have spent far too many rescources on the idea to abandon it ;)

    It wouldent be a proper business decision to not make this game and buy themselves all diamond-bezzeled toilet seats. just think about it for a moment, and dont despair. Its coming. ;)

  48. ken rollins said,

    One things for sure if they remake the game ill definetly get a ps3, considering I was shooting for the xbox 360.. but now that the rumors are sturred up about ff7. im waiting for sure. I remember when I was about 17 when the first one came out and spending long nights in my room just to see what would happen next. hopefully they can duplicate a game thats even better.

  49. Daniel Sargeant said,

    The Remake should keep everything it already has in it revamped. revamp the music, but not to change it too much. We could have the following to.

    The 3 different story lines that were to be in it before, but Square couldn’t because they needed to rush the game into production. (So i’ve heard.)
    Basically they was going to be the main storyline, (Aeris dies.) which is what they used.
    The 2nd story, (Aeris Doesn’t die.)
    the third Story (Aeris Dies, but comes back.)
    This isn’t what i’m hoping for of course, simply because it will only slow down production if it ever comes into it.

    Now, listen up, (Or concentrate your reading.) There have been rumours flying around “It’s a remake.” and such, then we started getting “It’s confirmed” and “It’s definitely not happening.” But ignore them. Every has spoen EXCEPT for Square Enix. The only thing they have said is that they did not say they were, this means they didn’t say YES, of course, but then again, t’s defnitly not a NO either.

    I beleive i said it once, it’s not a case of IF a FF7 Remake will be done… but WHEN it’ll be done.

  50. Jonny said,

    Sephiroth…. *bows*

  51. Cloudy said,

    I’m starting to lose respect for SE because they are toying with their fans.I hope they realize that this is bad for their business.I truly hope an employee from SE reads all these serious comments from their fans & maybe their eyes will see the truth.Yeah all this talk from them about how they want to move into the future with their games & not dwell in the past.Ha they would’nt even have a future without their fans.Afterall,squaresoft was in financial trouble after they released the average movie back in 2001 (Final Fantasy The Spirits Within),which did’nt do so well.Enix was in trouble too,so they decided to form Square Enix.They were in that situation because they were selfish.Now I see that history might repeat itself because of their ignorance,stubborness,& selfishness.SE that is why the past is important.So go ahead & spend millions on your next generation games.But it does’nt mean that the fans will purchase it.So to all SE employees,we all demand a Final Fantasy 7 remake or at least a release date.Because without your fans,YOU ARE NOTHING!

  52. Angel Cazares said,

    final fantasy 7 should have nothin changed but better graphics.theres no sucky parts in this game and all i think that it would betight if they had like tha best graphics in tha world

  53. sephiroth the great master said,

    They shoudl make a remake of ff7 and if they do they should make and when you complete you should unlock a second story where you get to play sephiroth and see what would happen if he won

  54. J-Dubb said,

    Finally—-I have been waiting on a remake/sequel since the ps2 came out—–I was disappointed when FFX-2 came out—made the game too much of a love story for me—-don’t get me wrong great game but was hoping VII would be the first with one with a sequel—–what happened to materia—-that should have been in every game—-there was nothing like sell you 1st mastered ALL materia—1400000 gil!!! yes!!!!—–or finally after hundereds of hour of playing the game you master the greatest summon of them all “knights of the round”—-the wepons were the most difficult foe in any FF game yet and I was level 97 before I finally beat them—-any one agree that FFVII is the greatest game of all time

  55. no name said,

    I think with all this crap about hoping for a remake will get some attention
    from sqaure and if it doesnt im going into theyre office and kicking them
    sqaure in the nuts

  56. seth said,

    lol its been a dream to me for a remake since i beat the original one. so square enix please make the remake of final fantasy 7x_X

  57. mfjgygylig said,

    good game jus beet first disc lovin it they killed aeris off too early i was expecting disc 3 w/e square used to bee good whos ever noticed that all the great games were made b4 they merged w/ enix 7 best game ever 8 kinda unknown i mean cmon they need to split

  58. Marrilliams said,

    They better make a Final Fantasy 7 that was the best game i ever played even though the graphics werent the best!

  59. matt_owens said,

    why is ff7 sooo damn high now lol ?

  60. Mr Malone said,

    all the games on the ps3 r cool but i would like a fuckin remake of final fantasy vii.
    6 years ago i played ffvii on the ps1 n it was so cool n i hear of the ffvii video on ign n i look at it n it was so fuckin cool but ign say there is no fuckin remake of final fantasy vii n i was piss off.
    if there is goin to a remake of final fantasy vii on the ps3 i will be so fuckin happy to get it on the ps3 ( if u think i am right email me at oks ).

  61. Mr Malone said,

    would u all like see final fantasy vii on the xbox360 or ps3 i would ile it on the ps3 because off all the final fantasy games on the playstation one / two what would u all like to see it on ( email me at oks.

  62. Mini-sheepy said,

    Dudes i agree with all of you they have to remake it. i used cloud cid and barret.all with last limits and weapons.if they do remake it they have to keep the same storyline coz its just to good if they change it, it will be ….well weird.

  63. shaun said,

    well yes they should remake it but ps3 are goign to be friken alot of money…FF7 was the best rpg 2 me but i may not get it bec ps3 cost too much and mny party was cid cloud and vincent they rock ass:D:P

  64. Mr Malone said,

    to all final fantasy fan by u lot watching final fantasy vii video on ign.
    it piss me off to see final fantasy vii on the ps3 it fuckin cool to see it on the ps3 but i am piss off because they are saying there is going to be no remake of final fantasy vii off the ps one i look at all the websites of final fantasy vii and they cep saying we are going to finsh ff xiii van maybe we will make a remake of ff7 but can it piss u all off by watching the ff7 video on ign and saying no remake what the fucking point putting it on the web and making poeple look at it and saying to all the poeple there is no remake off the ps one game ff7 ( send me a email at or add me on your MSN kk ).

  65. Tyton said,

    i think they shud not remake it cuz then the old version wud lose value i thinkthe game is great but they shudnt try to remake the classics

  66. Mr Malone said,

    to Tyton y r u say do not do a remake of final fantasy vii on the ps3 all the final fantasy fan willl think u r a fuckin dickhead because u r saying do not do a remake all the fans won`t a remake u can to fuckin hell we all won`t remake of final fantasy vii n ur the one who don`t won`t a fuckin u r a fickin dickhead this website is all about a remake of ffvii nota website to say we don`t won`t a fuckin remake.

  67. Boo. Leave the classic alone >=\

  68. Sephiroth said,

    Remake Final Fantasy VII… I’m in… you got my vote…

  69. FF7 freak said,

    i agree with all the people who have been saying that its not an issue of “if” its comming out, but “when”. i believe that square is smart enough to realize the profit in a remake.
    on a side note, my party is only cloud…. anyone here tried to complete the “scienm” challenge on finished at lvl 87 anyone waiting for the remake try it! chances are unless all you do is play it this will last you till the remake.

  70. Draken Nova said,

    As being a v.g. nerd who’s beatin just about every Final Fantasy game, it’s easy to say tht FF7 is the greatest one of all. My friends say the grafics $@^!, well thy’ll have a change of tone when FF7 for PS3 comes out. And eventually it will come out. My Friend Jack is an american employyee for square enix

  71. FF7 freak said,

    i know people may hate me for saying this but i think they should make a game of AC with kingdom hearts gameplay… i think that although if they follow the movie exactly it would be a very short game stuff like that has been done… look at other movie games

  72. final fantasy manic said,

    I agree with the remake of FFVII for PS3. I love the game, the movie, and the trailer. Seeing it re-done to the potential at which it should have been made at, will be a sight for sore eyes. I personally want to see Square Enix remake FF3. Of all the FF, FF3 is by far my favorite.

  73. Douglas Gill said,

    Both Sony and Square-Enix would be fools not to have FFVII remade. It would be such a easy money maker. Just think if Sony and Square-Enix marketed the PS3 with a copy of FVII remake the sales would be unimaginable. I don’t think a petition will encourage the remake, but it can’t hurt.

  74. FF7 freak said,

    or a petition might make them wait longer… think about it…. if they see that we r that desperate 4 it they might want to wait till we stop thinking they will make it :(

  75. OmniOtsuko said,

    that doesnt make much sense at all,
    y would u want to take ur own fans to the brink of hope
    almost shatter it,
    then make the game
    the way i see it,
    theyll only make a remake if the japanese kids want one
    (not that im hatin on japanese ppl, i luv em)
    thats just the way it goes, buts its nivce to see we, as fans, r puttin n the time and effort to try to make them see we want this so badly

  76. magmashoes said,

    make final fantasy 7 for ps3 cause it is the best game ever and make it NOW!

  77. crazybird said,


  78. BILLY said,


  79. cloud said,

    now i have the qustion why would u not make final fantasy 7 again sence ff7 for ps1 was a greatest hits u should remake it for ps3 it will be a good money maker look how many people made comments they found this leave a comment so thank of the people that did not find this if they all bought it that is like 6000 people that is a lot so u must make it because there is a lot of people who want it to be made so u should remake it NOW!

  80. final fantasy 7 man said,

    if u do not make final fantasy 7 again then why did god make us?

  81. ff7 remake now said,

    amen final fantasy man

  82. bubby said,


  83. CRAZYMAN said,

    i hope they will remake it

  84. Mr Malone said,

    i won`t a remake of ffvii on ps3 i played alll the final fantasy game they made os plz SOB remake the best game from the psone final fantasy vii on ps3 kk

  85. Mr Malone said,

    i do won`t a remake of final fantasy vii but if they don`t what the fuckin point making FFVII AC ok so wents hope of a remake of final fantasy vii

  86. magmashoes said,

    they should remake final fantasy 7 i love that game i have played it a lot

  87. crazybird said,

    i hope they remake final fantasy 7

  88. carol said,

    DEY SHOULD REMAKE IT IY IS DA BEST FF EVR MADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. magmashoes said,

    ff7 is the best game u guys should remake it

  90. Mr Malone said,

    ps3 is not coming out to next year and it give’s them a year to do a remake of final fantasy vii but if there is going to be no remake van the people who make final fantasy will go down and all the fianl fantasy fan’s will be piss off so lets see next year if they start the remake of final fantasy vii if u won’t to known more email me at or add me on your msn kk and i can tell u all about remake is going to happen or not kk (my add for msn is ok).

  91. Nijin said,

    Man i so want the to make this game for the PS3, this is the game
    that made me interested in RPGs in the first place, even though if they
    were just to change the grafic i would still buy this game. i’ve heard
    alot of complaints on the FF7 game because of the grafics, but i love it
    anyway, and i’ve completed it several times because the story really
    is the best one. I think SquareEnix (as its now called >.

  92. davey d said,

    a remake of ff7 would just b phenomenal. i hav 2 agree w/latter statements saying leave the storyline alone. as for the music, keep the same soundtrack, but make it sound better. after advent children and dirge of cerberus, seeing the characters in such detail makes me want a remake even more. it all seems like one big tease, there has to be a remake.

  93. Mr Malone said,

    if they do a remake they better cep the story line the same wen’s hope for a remake of final fantasy vii

  94. Mr Malone said,

    don’t worry all u final fantasy fan because they had final fantasy vii on th web a long time now so they will do a remake because they done this to Resident Evil on the psone so they will do a fuckin remake more peolpe cep on sayin there is goin to be no more like ign they can fuck off i no this because i been doin a lot of fuck work on this final fantasy vii so if WE hear they r doin a remake WE all be happy but if WE all hear there is goin to be no remake some of u can cry or fuckin get pissed off so lets hope of a remake of final fantasy vii ok not get mad if there is goin to be no remake ok wen they finsh final fantasy xiii van WE can fuckin hpoe of a remake ok WE will see a remake after final fantasy xiii is fuckin finsh ok (email me or add me on msn at ok i would like to see more people talkin about tihs ok).

  95. J. Laney said,

    ok so every one knows that final fantasy 7 is good but you cant forget the other good ones to mostly final fantasy 8. that was the game all people talked about next to 7 so i say make final fantasy 8 a remake for ether ps2 or ps3.


  96. Mr Malone said,

    to J Laney final fantasy 8 is shit all the fans of final fantasy won’ts a remake of final fantasy 7 not ff8 ok dickhead

  97. dj said,

    omg i cant believe what im hearin but i f****in love it!!!!! ff7 is da best! i just really wish they would make a x-3.fix the whole x-2 tragedy.

  98. dj said,

    oh and by the way malone heres 5$ go get yourself some grammer.

  99. Mr Malone said,

    i would like to say if they do a make of final fantasy x-3 off all ffx+ffx-2 it well be bloody cool to see a new storyline with yuna & tidus.
    but we all won’t a remake of final fantasy vii the best game off the PSONE so if they finsh final fantasy xiii wens hope of a remake of ff7 not ff8 n i won’t to see ffx-3 on the PS3 it well make the PS3 the best computer in the world so if u think i am right ( E-MAIL at or add me on ur msn as a final fantasy friend ok plz send a e-mail if u won’t to no more about final fantasy vii n final fantasy x-3 ok ) …….

  100. yunie^^ said,

    i heard off my brother that someone from square enix confirmed that they are doing a remake of seven. however he said it wont just be for the PS3 but the other two consoles as well.

  101. Mr Malone said,

    WHAT THE FUCK final fantasy vii was made on the PSONE no way in HELL it will go on the XBOX360 consoles XBOX360 is SHIT the xbox360 is not good for final fatasy vii all the final fantasy fan’s won’t to see it on the PS3 not XBOX360 because final fantasy vii was made on sony not microsolt.
    n i got to say to all the final fantasy fan’s would u like see it on the PS3 OR XBOX360 N IF u say xbox360 fuckin hell u r a fuckin dick head ok (if u won’t to nomore about ps3 or the best game ever final fantasy vii add me on ur MSN or send me a email at kk n if i see someone saying that there will be no remake go to hell SOB ok)………………

  102. christian said,

    tiffas sooo hottt! i’d like to see her even hotter in the remake.

  103. Liam said,

    i thinkit is a really good idea to make a remake of FF7 on ps3 an i think they shud add a bonus to the game after u complete it where aeris survives and u carry on the game from there with aeris alive!

  104. Tom said,

    I Say Remake FF7 they will sell like hotcakes, that should give them a good reason to remake it! It has a good stroy line and it is addictive as hell and with the better graphics,HELL YEAH! THEY BETTER DO IT!

  105. The Cube Master said,

    The only way I am buying a ps3 is if there is a ff7 remake, and it will be worth every penny.

  106. Graeme Moore said,

    The final fantasy series would be no-where without final fantasy 7, its the main reason im into rpg’s, although its over 9 years old it is still the best rpg out there. If they made a remake they shouldnt touch anything to do with the gameplay or story just a revamp and it would definately out sell any of its pre-decessors 1-13. Best game ever created, they should base all there games on ff7, they havent touched the anything that compares to either the storyline or gameplay since. Roll on FF7 for PS3

  107. Graeme Moore said,

    Does anybody know if theres any sign of making the original game into a film not advent children but the original game

  108. Mr Malone said,

    i am gettin piss off now. i have seen no updates on final fantasy vii i no will get some updates wen final fantasy xiii is finsh but if i see no updates after final fatasy xiii is finsh i am goin to get piss off more so come on square enix wens see some updates on final fantasy vii because i am like this is because year 2007 is coming so wen it 2007 in the UK wen the

  109. Mr Malone said,

    i am gettin piss off now. i have seen no updates on final fantasy vii i no will get some updates wen final fantasy xiii is finsh but if i see no updates after final fatasy xiii is finsh i am goin to get piss off more so come on square enix wens see some updates on final fantasy vii because i am like this is because year 2007 is coming so wen it 2007 in the UK wen the PS3 gets to the UK i hope to see they have started on the world’s biggest remake of final fantasy vii the hole world will go fuckin mad to see the best ever final fantasy game in the world final fantasy vii come out on the PS3 so wens hope n if u lot think i am right email at or add me on ur msn as a final fantasy fan friend ok but if u think i am wrong i got two word’s for you SUCK IT ok lets see some good word’s from u all final fantasy fans ok …………………………………………………………………………

  110. jonas said,

    I will buy the Console just for that game.
    To be able to play ff7 with todays graphics is a dream.

  111. ALEXANDER said,


  112. final fantays freak said,

    how do you get the aeon sword on ff7 i still play it and need to get the sword it is like stuck in a wall it is the best sword in the game if you know how to get it email me at

  113. chaos 126 said,

    i would never evvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvver buy a ps3 in my life!!! dat shit is nothing but a fukkin rip off!!! its just a ps2 with a computer!! but no one sees that!!!! BUT!!!!!!!!!! once i saw da tech demo of ff7….. i will buy that system just to play ff7 again!!!!!!!! that game fukkin rocks and hope to God they come to there senses and remake that game!!!

  114. Mr M T Malone said,

    to chaos ur right final fantasy vii is the best game ever but ur a dickhead ps3 is not as the fuckin same as a ps2 think fuckin dickhead no way in final fantasy vii will on xbox360 or ps2……………………
    xbox360 is cool but i will be pissed off to see final fantasy vii on it ok…………..
    so chaos if i see u put up a sayin ps3 is shit i will kill u so shut the fuck up ok all the final fantasy fans would like to final fantasy vii remake on ps3 ok anyway this website is all about a remake of final fantasy vii the fans don’t give a shit what u think chaos…………………………….
    so chaos i got three words for u sick my dick he he he he he…………………………………………………………….. (email me at or add me on ur msn as a final fantasy fan friend)………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  115. IM BOB'S the great said,

    why the remake Jezz square Einx love the past
    any way has anyone played final fantasy 2 i must say it is BEUATIFUL OH MEYAN

  116. Samuel said,

    I Reckon it will be great if ff7 would be x111 ff7 is da bomb the best in the world and sepherioth dont kill too many ppl

  117. wes said,

    yah i think they are going to make it no real question in my mind.if people are willing to rant like this about it then whos to say they arent going to remake it?for me im just going to keep believing they are instead of them just saying “if we were to remake it,it would look like this but you cant play” thats just mean :( i dont think square would do that its most definately the best rpg ever.i dont know about you but im going to keep a strong will about this one.

  118. ultra_malboro said,

    final fantasy 7 rocks i really hope therell be a remake!once they finish ff13 or even before that.if you agree add me on

  119. SEPHIROTH said,

    i am gettin piss off in this year 2007 if there no remake FFVII i will go mad but more piss off because what the fuckin point off makin FFVIIAC…………
    yer i do like FFVIIAC it fuckin cool but i will be more fuckin happy if the Square Einx don’t do the fuckin remake what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the fuckin point off makin people look at the tech demo n y would u do a fuckin film of FFVIIAC yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i no it 2 years later but who gives a SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so come FUCKIN SOB Square Einx do the fuckin remake of FFVII on the PS3 PLZ i would like someone to send this letter to the SOB PLZ…………………………………………….
    so come Square Einx plz do the remake if u do the people who made the PS3 will be happy because they won’t a remake of FFVII because the PS3 needs a game what goes on 4 A long time because the FF FANS would to play it again but they will get piss of if u don’t do the remake of FINAL FANTASY VII OKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS…………………………………………………………………………………………….. So i got two words 4 the Square Einx SUCK IT i do like u but i am gettin piss of with people sayin they won’t a reamke because they look at ur fuckin tech demo of FINAL FANTASY VII kk so come on plz do the remake before we get the PS3 in the UK ok n before we get to the year 2008 ok so plz do the remake of FINAL FANTASY VII come on do it plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………………………………………..
    One more thing someone plz send this to the Square Einx if u can n i will like as a friend a lot kk if u won’t to no more about FFVII OR FFVIIAC OR ALL THE FF GAMES email me at kk lets hope someone can do that thing 4 me ok n lets see some good sayins from U FINAL FANTASY FANS ok……………………………………………………………………………………………

  120. magmashoes said,

    final fantasy 7 is the best game i am stilll playing it on ps1! and i have a ps3 that is how good it is so if you make it for ps3 i probly be playing that for a while. and if any one knows where the AEON SWORD IS tell me plzz it is clouds besttttttttttttt weapon like it is 100 and gives doulble or triple like no one found it

  121. George Cortes said,

    come on make it already.

  122. SEPHIROTH said,

    times up the ps3 i comin to the uk in march 23 2007 n i will be gettin one n we all ff fans got wait to 2008 4 ffxiii to come out van thats not good we will be gettin ffvii the remake in 2009 so a lot ff fans who like ffvii will get piss off a lot i no ok but likes hope 2008 it will be made n come out in 2008 ok………………………………………………. if u won`t no more about ffvii or ffxiii or anymore ff games email me at or add me on ur MSN as a ff friend who LOT OF FINAL FANTASY GAMES ok because i play all the final fantasy games in the world all i need to play is now ffxiii n the remake off ffvii ok……………………………………………………………………………………………

  123. SEPHIROTH said,

    i readed a thing on a ps3 website n it said that final fantasy vii word has gone out the hole world n we all got to wait for final fantasy xiii n final fantasy vs xiii comes out in 2008 so that mean we all got wait to 2009 for final fantasy vii remake it piss me off to hear that i got a lot of final fantasy fans friends all u lot got to do is email me about final fantasy vii remake or the final fantasy games because i have played all the final fantasy game n finsh all the final fantasy games so come on world off finalfantasy fans email me at or add me on ur MSN as a final fantasy fan friend who no a lot about final fantasy games n i no why they made FFVIIAC aswell ok all u lot got to do is email me or add me on ur MSN ok.
    Because i am sayin this beacuse i am gettin piss off with poeple sayin they won’t a remake of final fantasy vii n final fantasy viii all the final fantasy fans no that they won’t a remake of the bests games ever so come on there is no point keep sayin we won’t a remake because there is goin to be a remake final fantasy vii because the Square Einx have to do it because they no that they pissin off a lot of final fantasy fans n a lot of new people who has started playin final fantasy vii n the all the final fantasy games ok but Square Einx no there is goin to be a WAR if they don’t do the remake of final fantasy vii i no this n my friends so if u won’t to team up with me a my friends van we can get the ps3 to have the game of the world of the ps1 final fantasy vii reamke all u got to do is email me at or add me on ur MSN n u lot add my best final fantasy friend aswell his add for MSN is ok add him as a final fantasy fan friend aswell ok we all got 2 years to go to get r hands on the remake of final fantasy vii ok i won’t to see peolpe to like my plan :) kk because wen time runs out there will be no remake so u lot got to team up with me n my final fantasy fans friends ok.
    But if i see a sayin fuck up u will be gay n all the final fantasy fans will hate u so come on team up with me n my final fantasy fans friends……………………

  124. DJSeph said,

    is it gonna come in 2009 u say…. im gonna go freeze myself XD

  125. I agree with you guys about the remake of ff7. I think it would be really great if thay remaked it aspecialy after bring out final fantasy 7 advent children of which i have a copy of and think the film is amazing. I will say one thing tho if thay do remake the game for playstation 3 which i hope thay do i would like them to add voices to the characters like thay did on ff10. Ect because then you woulden’t have to read all the dialogs that came up when thay talked to each other ect. You could hear them say it and not have to read endless bable lol not that it wasen’t fun to read but well you should know what i mean. All that put aside tho ff7 was my favorite of the series and will always be my favorite it would just be nice to hear what the characters sounded like and well thats my only real comment about the game the reast is just agreeing with you guys and fans of the game

  126. I agree with you guys about the remake of ff7. I think it would be really great if thay remaked it aspecialy after bring out final fantasy 7 advent children of which i have a copy of and think the film is amazing. I will say one thing tho if thay do remake the game for playstation 3 which i hope thay do i would like them to add voices to the characters like thay did on ff10. Ect because then you woulden’t have to read all the dialogs that came up when thay talked to each other ect. You could hear them say it and not have to read endless bable lol not that it wasen’t fun to read but well you should know what i mean. All that put aside tho ff7 was my favorite of the series and will always be my favorite it would just be nice to hear what the characters sounded like and well thats my only real comment about the game the rest is just agreeing with you guys and fans of the game

  127. deven boyd said,

    They better remake ff7 for the ps3. they should know that if they do, it will most likely be the biggest selling game on the series. and plus it is the best(if not to any of you)one of the best games ever made

  128. SEPHIROTH said,

    like i said to all the final fantasy vii fans round the world they all got to wait to we get to year 2009 because they have not finsh final fantasy xiii ok

  129. Tom said,

    So its definate? Give us a link to where you found it!

    Its THE best FF made (Then 8 and 10, then 9)

    Keep the old battle system cos XII’s is a bit rubbish, I prefer to be able to control all my characters, not just the party leader.

    Also, they should have the system from 12 where you only have a game over when your whole groups dead rather than just your party

  130. SEPHIROTH said,

    20 more days n still goin down days for the ps3 comes out in the UK n i’ll be gettin 1 n i still won’t the remake of final fantasy vii on the ps3
    o 1 more thing if u won’t to no more about the remake or the final fantasy games in the world email me at or add me on ur MSN as a friend of final fantasy because i no a hell of a lot about final fantasy because i played all the final fantasy games in the world i got to play now on the ps3 is final fantasy xiii n final fantasy vs xiii n if there is goin to be a remake of final fantasy vii i am goin to play final fantasy vii the remake a hell of a lot n i will play it for a long time as i won’t so if u won’t to talk to me email me at or add me on ur MSN OKS n i won’t to see someone to put a bloody good sayin about final fantasy or final fantasy vii the remake okssssssss………………………………………………………………..

  131. The second i heard there was going 2 be a FF7 remake i almost pissed myself FF7 has got 2 be the most Famous RPG no Game in the History of man kind its the game that would make GOD cry and Kill the Devil its the only game that went from PS1, PS2, CellPhone, PSP, Computer, guest staring in other games, and a Movie based on a Game that didnt suck and now its on PS3!!!!!!!!!!
    I no every thing there is 2 no about FF7 from the Story to the Game itself FF7 is the reason there are RPG and other games like there are today in the game there are Laughs, Crys, Heartbreaks, and Death and if i meet the man who says FF7 is the gayest game ever MAY GOD HAVE MERCEY ON THEIR VERY SOULS

  132. Gregory said,

    i got a ps3 and they better remake it but i have herd many rumers that its not true. and every one wants it remade i mean cloud was like my childhood hero!!!

  133. Gregory said,

    UPDATE: We received word as soon as our boys made it back that Square Enix wanted to make it clear that there will not be a Final Fantasy VII remake for PS3. Repeat, there will not be a remake. But, there will be a new Final Fantasy game for the system somewhere down the line. We’ll have info on that as it happens.

  134. Gregory said,

    if you dont belive thoughs word look at the link


    fuckin gay that square enix r not goin to do the remake thats it square enix u can go to hell we all won`t a remake of final fantasy vii dickheads god i am pissed off but i can be wrony they maybe do the remake i don`t no kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk email me or add me on ur msn my add is ok ………………………

  136. Knightimex said,

    Hmm, rumor has it, that if the ps3 chugs along in 3rd place as it is now ff7 will be for 360, believe it. ps3 = 360/360 = ps3 what difference would it make? besides.. 400 bucks is cheaper than 600 and well more games to boot. w00t


    time is run out because in the year 2008 the final fantasy xii n final fantasy vs xiii will be out n if people stop talkin about final fantasy vii remake there will be no remake so come on people f**kin started talkin or time will run out because i no this because i work for sony n they said to me that Square Enix will not do the remake if people stop talkin about it so come on f**kin talk dudes…………………………………..


    I got to say is if they do the remkae of final fantasy vii on the ps3 i will be happy and so will the people round the world so come on Square Enix President Yoichi Wada do the remake of final fantasy vii PLZ!!!!!!
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND one more thing it for MR Yoichi Wada why did u make final fantasy games on more computers and made a final fantasy vii film will i think the more final fantasy vii games and film are cool but i would like to no why ? because if u can make a final fantasy vii film and games on computers how come u won’t do the remake of final fantasy vii on the PLAYSTATION3 WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! someone plz tell me why they won’t do the remake email me at or add me on ur MSN as final fantasy fan friend and i will tell u all about final fantasy or if u won’t to no kk…..

  139. mista smoke said,

    i think yaal should remake ff7 add a lil extry but dont chang the story i think this game will make millions if its right good lucky sqhere enx

  140. Atul said,

    Hey iam a Great fan of final fantasy 7. i have played the game 20 times and still playing it.i love it.I cant wait to get my hands on the ff remake.i will buy it no matter how much it costs.The current dream of my life is to play “FINAL FANTASY 7” That comes out for PS3.I will be waitin at the shop’s door at the day of its release.Thank You.

  141. spass said,

    i would LOVE an FF7 remake. maybe spruce it up a bit, not just graphics, maybe some of the stuff they had to take out last time… i would buy a PS3 just for this and MGS4. if the tech demo is anything to go by, money should be no object…

  142. Hazzard said,

    I just want to know if it is going to be the regular battel senario or if it is going to be like FFVII-Durge of Cerberus. Either Way I want It, BAD!

  143. Hazzard said,


  144. Hazzard said,


  145. mAng said,

    RMK! plz! RMK RMK RMK RMK RMK RMK RMK!!! best game ever..

  146. Hayze said,

    Totally gutted that there isnt going to be a remake of FF7 i wasted many an hour on that game way back when, even cost me a GF (girl friend not guardian force). Would love to see it remade or even re released in its origional format(pc). At the moment i havent botherd with next gen consoles but i guarrante that if its remade id buy the first console its released on no questions. I played that game so much cloud and co were practically family, would love to relive some of that. Personally i couldnt care less if there is going to be another final fantasy game on PS3 i think the whole thing has been going slowly down the toilet the online game tho not a bad effort at the time really wasnt anything special and FF10 on PS2 was awfull another dose of that would just make me cry.


    To Hayze what r u talkin about there is goin to be a remake of final fantasy vii do u won’t to no my because Square Enix did a final fantasy vii advent children n did a ps2 game called final fantasy vii Durge of Cerberus n they r now doin a game for the psp called final fantasy vii crisis core n all of them had the same voices play because u think n watch a video on IGN.COM u will see n hear that steve the man who played the voice for cloud said yes i would like to keep playin the voice of cloud n it ture because steve played the voice for cloud in final fantasy vii advent children n final fantasy vii Durge of Cerberus n kingdom of hearts 2 n he’s goin to play the voice of cloud on the psp game final fantasy vii crisis core.. Like he said he would like to keep playin the voice of cloud so there will be a remake of final fantasy vii on the ps3.. The ps3 needs a game what u can play for a long time so if the people who made ps3 will work with Square Enix to do the remake of final fantasy vii n so will the people who played the voices in final fantasy vii advent children ok plz read this n email me at or add me on ur MSN as a final fantasy fan friend if u do add me on ur MSN i can tell u about whats happen to the remake of final fantasy vii on the ps3 kk……………..aka THE LEGEND OF SMACKDOWN……

  148. Barret Wallace said,

    I think im am the best player of final fanatsy7 in the whole world and if they dont make ff7 on ps3 ill cut my wrist and jump off a cliff. and ill put a gehard on them. im all for ff7 being remade :)

  149. shaun said,

    hey mad im on tv

  150. shaun said,


  151. shaun said,

    ill fuckin kill ya

  152. shaun said,

    ima gonna eat ur baby

  153. shaun said,

    i think im the best player im all for ff7 to be remade i think it will be awsome:) lol i think u are all gay

  154. Kevo said,

    Hurry and make my FAVORITE GAME in the world PLEASE IM BEGGING U GUYZ.Stop wasten time i cnt wait until it comes out.Make it happen please!!!!!!!

  155. Matthew Carr said,

    Final fantacy 7 is only the best game ever made for the playstation if it were to come out on ps3 and be able to control cloud while fighting it would be the best game in history

  156. Erick said,

    This is already confirmed, I’m kind subscribed to japanese gaming magazines and stuff. All we can do now is wait, were looking at a 2008 release.

    Oh and 7 isn’t the only release for the ps3, try 8 and 9 aswell!!

    Not that any of you know this but i have a job testing computer game for many diffrent companys one of these companys includes square enix and a friend who also works for the company in japan has told me that they are working on a making a collectors edition which of final fantasy’s 7 8 and 9.
    the games are still in the early stages of development and it will be a while before we here or see anything from square about this project however the collectors edition of ff7 is expected to be released in japan in late 2008

  157. Josh said,

    Man late 2008, and that’s only in japan, i don’t know if i can wait that long. And also did they anounce that at the square enix party last week?

  158. NBAJam said,

    Final Fantasy VII ans Chrono Trigger the best of video games


    I think if there do the remake of final fantasy vii on the ps3 it will make a hell of lot money and the people who have not played final fantasy vii because they can’t get a PS1 to play it so they can play it on the ps3 because soon the PS2 will be old like hell and people don’t won’t to play final fantasy vii on the old PS1 and PS2 they all won’t to play it on the PS3.
    I no that all the final fantasy games that as been made will get old aswell but think about it u can give it life again by doing remakes on the PS3.
    So it is all up to Square Enix if they won’t to do the remake of final fantasy vii but all i am saying is i have play final fantasy vii for a long time now and i still play it now but i can’t stop Square Enix if they don’t won’t to do the remkae of final fantasy vii on the PS3 ok.
    I did won’t to talk the owner of Square Enix about the final fantasy vii remake but there is not a thing i can do to do the remake of final fantasy vii on the PS3.
    Feel free to e-mail me to talk about the remake of final fantasy vii on the PS3 ok my e-mail add is kk or if u do have MSN add me as a final fantasy fan friend ok i no a hell of a lot about final fantasy games and more because final fantasy games are the best games i have played all of the final fantasy games in the world and all i got to play is now is FFXIII and FFVSXIII on the PS3 thats all the final fantasy games left to play but if there is a remake of final fantasy vii on the PS3 i will be happy to play a game that i have played for a long time. thank you if u have read all of this kk

  160. Chris said,

    get it done!

  161. Vincent Valantine said,

    I can’t wait for it 2 come out, wen it does im goin 2 go f****n mental, they reli should do a battle system where u run around fightin instead and have a multiplayer. Maybe wen ur cloud strife u could swing the sword wid the right analog stick that would b reli cool and perform out the limit breaks. Could add team attack thing and make it different 4 each character. So i cannot wait animore! ive got a ps3 as soon as it came out (12:00) 4 my b day! I hope all u other gamers r ready cause i bet it will sweep the nation!

    Vincent Valantine

  162. GOTHIC OF DEATH said,

    all the days and months wen all the people stop talkin about final fantasy vii remake the remake is die and die and die away for good so come on people keep talkin about the final fantasy vii remake and it will happen e-mail me at or add me on ur msn……………………….

  163. JOn said,

    I hope they make a Giant book Or sieries of books on the whole ff7 compilation. Telling the story from The VERY VERY begining to the Very End that would Explain A lot! cuase I am really confused on some parts of the whole Compilation

  164. JOn said,

    contact me at

  165. 7777777777 said,


  166. Mbout said,

    You guys ever played FF3 on SNES?

  167. dissaGic said,

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