December 8, 2005

Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD – Warren Lieberfab Speaks

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In an extraordinary speech, Warner Home Video president Warren Lieberfarb has hit out at Sony over its tactics in winning the next generation war between Blu-ray and HD-DVD.

Speaking at the Perspectives in European Video conference, he addressed Sony’s battle to bring its Blu-ray format, used in Playstation 3, to prominence.

He said movie studios are being drawn into the war between console manufacturers, against their will, and not necessarily in their interest. He said, “If I put Blu-ray in Playstation and I don’t license it to Microsoft for Xbox 360 and I get all the studios to only publish in PlayStation 3, I’ll beat Microsoft in the next-generation games market. We’ve been sucked into PlayStation 3 versus Xbox 360.”

He went on, “Hollywood blew it. They got duped. They could have created the format that optimized their creative interests. It looks like we lost, because there are six studios supporting Blu-ray and only three supporting HD-DVD. But you know, there’s always surprises.”

‘Samurai’ Sony

He said, “If you ever read ‘The Art of War,’ you will see all of Sony’s moves, including taking all its enemies in the same tent and then leaving them empty-handed. These are things that they have done historically.”

He also said: “They did the same thing to Matsuhita and Betamax, they did the same thing to Matsushita on compact disc, they did the same thing to Matsushita on the digital video camcorder. They compete like samurai. It isn’t the way we compete in the West.”

Lieberfarb, who is in Microsoft’s anti Blu-ray camp, urged the industry to embrace HD-DVD. “Convergence is here, everything is digital, the Internet is going to deliver video, you are going to want to pass information from one device to another and HD-DVD versus Blu-ray is really the first battle in the issue of who controls the home.”

My Review: 

Interesting point of view. In facts, the console war strongly affectes the home video market , and IMHO they have got a very relevant position in the result of this gigantic competition. Imagine if the last breaking movie won’t come out in a format your console can’t read… If you own a PS3 and you can’t view everything you like on it you’ll be disappointed.
Let’s see what’s coming next..


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  1. Will said,

    I think it only matters because the PS3 supports blue-ray. If there weren’t a PS3 or XBox 360 and just the two formats blue ray would win out easy just based on the amount of data that can be stored. Think of how much more behind the sceens material studios could put on the disc then tell consumers that they need this extra special edition. But since Microsoft owns everyone its a problem. The XBox 360 as of now, does it even supports HD-DVD?

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