November 30, 2005

Videogames Violence. Most violent games?

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Family Media Guide published its 2005’s Top Ten list of most Violent Video Games.

Videogames Violence is an extra-popular issue, sometimes taken very seriously (here in Rome we’ve  problems with the Vatican censoring our games and movies.. blaah).

Anyway, results are interesting. Let’s see :)

  • Resident Evil 4 – You are a Special Forces agent sent to recover the President’s kidnapped daughter. Just after the first minutes of Resident Evil 4 gameplay, it’s possible to find the corpse of a woman pinned up on a wall — by a pitchfork through her face. Yeech!
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – Player is a crazy guy working with gangsters to become respected. He kills, steals, destruct through a variety of missions. An example of violence? He  recovers his health by visiting prostitutes then his funds by beating them to death and taking their money. He has total freedom to create as much chaos as he wants, as it’s not requested to follow the game’s storyline.
  • God of War – Player becomes a rough, bloody warrior, seeking revenge against the gods who tricked him into murdering his own family. Prisoners are burned alive and player can use “finishing moves? to kill opponents – like tearing a victim in half.
  • Narc – Player can choose between two narcotics agents attempting to take a dangerous drug off the streets and shut down the KRAK cartel while being subject to temptations including drugs and money. To enhance abilities, player takes drugs including pot, Quaaludes, ecstasy, LSD and “Liquid Soul? – which provides the ability to kick enemies’ heads off.
  • Killer 7 – Player takes control of seven assassins who must combine skills to defeat a band of suicidal, monstrous terrorists. The game eventually escalates into a global conflict between the U.S. and Japan. Player collects the blood of fallen victims to heal himself and must slit own wrists to spray blood to find hidden passages.
  • The Warriors – Based on a 70’s action flick that set new standards for “artistic violence,? a street gang battles its way across NYC in an attempt to reach its home turf. Player issues several commands to his gang, including “mayhem,” which causes the gang to smash everything in sight.
  • 50 Cent: Bulletproof – Game is loosely based on the gangster lifestyle of rapper Curtis “50 Cent? Jackson. Player engages in gangster shootouts and loots the bodies of victims to buy new 50 Cent recordings and music videos.
  • Crime Life: Gang Wars – Player is the leader of a ruthless street gang, spending time fighting, recruiting new gangsters, fighting, looting, and of course, more fighting. Player can roam the streets and fight or kill anyone in sight for no apparent reason.
  • Condemned: Criminal Origins – Player is an FBI serial killer hunter in one of the first titles for the Xbox 360. Game emphasizes the use of melee weapons over firearms, allowing players to use virtually any part of their environment as a weapon. The next generation graphics provide a new level of detail to various injuries, especially “finishing moves”. Fatality!!!
  • True Crime: New York City – Player is a NYC cop looking for information regarding the mysterious death of a friend. Player can plant evidence on civilians and shake them down to earn extra money.


  1. astaroth said,

    Severance: Blade of Darkness and Manhunt should’ve been in that list, too, I think. And probably more games I can’t think of right now. Games shouldn’t be censored, though.

  2. bhrf said,


  3. coldfusion said,

    Resident Evil rocks!!!!

  4. shizzy said,

    Resident Evil 4 blew my mind extremely dark and violent! cannot wait for the future Resident Evil 5

  5. hljnhkjhyj, said,

    dese games is g sta wtf ur problem? i bet ur 1 of dem sad pppz hu hav nuttin betta 2 do dan make up stories ? hmm? im right arnt i? u gay low life

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