November 30, 2005

Playstation 3 Boomerang Controller: it’s Ergonomic

Posted in Accessories, General, news & rumors at 11:30 pm by playstation3

Our dear, super-hated, extra-discussed PS3 boomerang controller has a new card to play: Ergonomics!

Well, it’s so obvious! This controller is so ugly that if it wasn’t Anti-Ergonomic as well it  would be 100% trash!

Some of the possible boomerang advantages are explained in the animated gif (click the black thumbnail to see it, it’s quite big) published by Joistiq.


And no… if you throw it’s not coming back :)




  1. Michael said,

    VERY NICE…i can’t wait to get it in my hands

  2. Ryan said,

    I hope it doesn’t come back!!!
    I mean if i get pissed and throw the Controller, i don’t want it to hit me in the head.


  3. Jim the Playstation Guy said,

    its already pre-ordered, i just hope it can work up to my standards…

  4. YoungLLac said,

    I think that Sony should make it an option to use the dual shock of old or the boomerang. I sure hope so. I love options. I’m sure we all do.

  5. grave digger said,

    i know it’s an old post, byt hey, i love updating… so sony ditched the bomberang controller for dualshock.. which sucks.. but you know, that didn’t stop me from buying one :D

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