November 30, 2005

Do You hate PS3 Fanboys?

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Seems like a lot of Fanboys targeted my bLog, adding comments as “YEAHHH PS3 IS BETTER XBOX SUCKS” or similar.

Now, In many communities (including Official Playstation boards) they don’t like Playstation 3 Fanboys, apparently ruining conversations and teasing people.

By one side I have no advantage in deleting those comments, free words for Search Engines.

By the other, I want to preserve my contents’ quality.

So, the question is:

Should I delete PS3 Fanboys’ comments?



  1. Mario san said,

    If the comments don’t have sense, i think i should delete it-

  2. Mario san said,

    Sorry, ” i think u should delete it- “

  3. Kevin Breit said,

    I’d say delete them. I doubt you care about being the first result for “xbox sux0rz” in Google.

  4. ripi$money said,

    I’d delete them. People who don’t have anything valuable to contribute shouldn’t leave comments. Even though they’re for the PS3, they still ruin it for all of the Sony fanboys and casual gamers.

  5. Ok, this is the right choice.
    Also, usually those guys leave more than 3-4 comments every time they visit the Playstation 3 bLog, at least one with offensive content.

    I just won’t consider their comments as “opinions”.

  6. jose said,

    no la verdad no, ya que solo estoy esperando que llegue a esta ciudad para poder comprarlo, me imagino que mejora mucho los graficos y pues las nuevas versiones de los juegos van a ser para esa consola

  7. ps3fan said,

    all these comments means nothing go and vote for it!!!
    ps3 already has 5263 votes and xbox 1321 damn PS3 ISNT EVEN OUT AND ITS BEATIN XBOX 360 imagin if it comes out. :o

  8. ps3fan said,

    it only works on macntosh computers.
    ………………….ITS ONLY MADE FOR THEM……………..

  9. ps3fan said,

    doesnt work on:

    : (

  10. ps3fan said,

    any way you people who have macntosh also go to and you will see more things.

  11. ps3fan said,

    im hoping every one in here is a ps3 fan. or else if our not …………………………………GET OUT!!!………………………………..

  12. ps3fan said,

    only for ps3 fanboys

  13. kuzkos said,

    of course would show results in favour of the ps3, the very URL of the page is biased by ps3 fanboy-ness.

    I personally favour no console over any other, might as well just buy them all and be happy.

  14. bobby said,

    first off i would like to say playstation sucks, playstation 2 sucks and playstation 3, sucks and heres why its gonna cost so much dam money that i dont have and ohh yahh did i say playstation games suck xbox360 has so many games that are alot better then playstation, and i must admite that ps3 has alittle bit better grapchics but its not like ps3 is some god a mean they look the same the only diff is xbox 360 has so many better games :) haha i told u gay ps3 fan boys didnt i lol.

  15. xbox 360 rocks said,

    fuck u gay ps3 fan boys

  16. duhh said,

    playstation 3 stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. ps3 no good to much $$$$ said,

    ahhahahahahahahahhaha ps3 lol what a rip

  18. PS3Fanboy said,

    Wait until playstation 3 comes out, microsoft are only good for software, there consoles are shit as you have already seen there massive black boxes. Sony = pure class and quality, now thats what you want in a gaming console. So before you diss, just think about this fact, Sony own the console market, microsoft are newbies as shown in their first release. Who releases a crystal version of the same damn product, however none the less it would be nice for me to have both the ps3 and xbox 360 on the shelf :D

  19. dalton said,

    you know what ps3 fan… wow you are so right.. look how many votes playstation 3 got even before its out… to bad ur completely wrong.. gee i wonder why playstation 3 is winning on wow i really cant believe the xbox 360 isn’t winning

  20. dalton said,

    haha another comment….. umm if ps3 is soooo good how come they keep delaying theyre launch and havent even announced an official launch… you know if 360 sales would magically drop it would only be because the ps3 came out in 2009 and the 360 already won the war before playstation 3 came out… and by the damn way i got a psp first day and got a playstation 2 before any other home console… and if i would do it again i would have gotten the xbox because it was way better…. because i have the gamecube ps2 and xbox and my xbox kicked both of those systems asses

  21. Taviah said,

    The Playstation 3 is going to suck. Itll only be good with floating, and it will be a PAIN IN THE ASS to make games for it

  22. XBox 360 Owner said,

    I actually like the fact that there are three console makers… I take that statement back. I like that fact that there are two console makers really going to town on one another. (No offense but Nintendo has really pissed me off in the past five-six years. I want a good Nintendo Console not another damn Gameboy). Competing companies mean more choices, and most importantly, better games. The XBox 360 is a marvel…console to Windows XP / Media connectivity right out of the box, and free XBox live. And yes PS3 fanboys, it is next gen. Don’t let the first generation ports of PS2/XBox games fool you…its next gen. The PS3 is a marvel as well…possibly…maybe…oh wait there is no PS3! YOU IDIOTS ARE FANS OF TECH SPECS THAT HAVEN”T EVEN COME TOGETHER YET! I’m sure it will be a great machine…WHEN IT EXSIST!

  23. XBox 360 Owner said,

    Ummm….toning it back down. I will eventually buy a PS3, when it comes into existance and probably enter a state of gaming bliss as I bring Yin (XBOX 3600 and Yang (PS3) together in a graphical nirvana on my HDTV. BUT RIGHT NOW I ONLY HAVE YIN BECASUE YANG DOESN’T EXIST!!! UNTIL I HAVE MY YANG, DEATH TO PS3 FANBOYS!!!

    …ok. I’ll go have some pie now.

  24. XBox 360 Owner said,

    Mmmm Pie

  25. XBox 360 Owner said,


  26. liam inamoto said,

    X BOX IS SHIT!!!

  27. Jesse said,

    Man whoever said Microsoft is only good for making software, is clueless. While I prefer X Box to Playstation, I still own an original Playstation and occassionally play old classics like FF7 Legend of Dragoon and Mortal Kombat Trilogy, so I wouldnt say that one is better then the other and so on. But man just look at some of the games coming out for the X Box 360, you got some tight ass shit coming, everyone who loves X Box loves Halo, so Halo 3 is one coming out, if you like Roleplaying games, you got some real nice ones coming for XBox 360 exclusive like Mass Effect, and Lost Odyssey. Man name one RPG coming out for PS3 that could beat Mass Effect or Lost Odyssey, I dont see any. Anyway, I just wanted to make the point, that there are good games for X Box, and that you shouldnt accuse Microsoft like that. Peace out.

  28. Matt Roszak said,

    Playstation? More like Gaystation! Ahahaha.


  29. Ted said,

    Man, the sony boys crack me up. The Ps3 does not exist. Sony has been talking about it for over a year now and no one has seen one single game demo for the system. Oh wait, a sony employee did and said himself that this shit sucks. And sony fired him. Thats fact, look it up.. We will see how bad ass ps3 is at E3. I bet nothing sony shows will match up to Gears of War or Halo 3. 360 rules bitches…

  30. The PS3 is just a state of mind as the only way anyone could afford it is by fantasing they have one. Just think its there in your kitchen standing next to your over right where your fridge use to be, but no one can tell the fridge has actually gone. The PS3 if it does exist is a fridge with RAM and a processor. I wouldn’t hate it so much if A) it wasnt crap, B) Something was original on it, C) Would be affordable. The creator of the PS said that he will price the PS3 at a high price so it will get people out of their homes and into jobs so they can afford one. Nice idea in a way except once they’ve bought a PS3 wil they be able to give their children food for the month. About Sony not being original thats a lie. they did come up with the ability to be able to turn a little ‘P’ on the disc tray of their consoles, and yes all you fanboys it is available on the upcoming PS3.
    In short, PS3 wank. dont give too much fuck about ‘super computer graphics’ if im playing a game using a boomerang with saggy tits.
    Revolution fans check this link out and fuck you sony fanboys….fuck you.

  31. Derka Derka said,

    First of all PS3 will suck monkey nuts. If you realize all the Playstation games that are actually good. Not counting the homosexual fantasy games. (Kingdom Hearts,etc.) Xbox has halo, gears of War, oblivion, and tons of other shooters. Buy xbox if you like shoters, fighting, action, roleplaying, and sports games. Buy PS3 if you like fagit fantasy games. I repeat Sony has no balls.

  32. Playstation is so cool said,

    I love playstation cause they have really cool games. THey have Kingdom harts. Derka derka what r u saying. MIcky mouse rocks my nuts. Plus sony dosnt care about those crapy sports and shooters they love those kingdomharts games.

    PS: SONY does have nice balls

  33. sony said,

    ayaa. WHAT IS THIS A CENTER TO TRASH TALK SONY. WELL GUESS WHAT I DONT CARE SONY HAS ABOUT 75% of there employeses in the playstation branch and they still manage to make crapy ass systems. If i were u i would purchase an XBOX 360 as soon as possible.


    I am so fucking sick of going to forums and listening to all the PS3 fanboys trash the 360 when they probably havent played one. Ps3 really disappointed at E3. They copied motion sensor controller of Nintendo, took LIVE from xbox. They barely changed there controller. And as much as the executives have trashed the 360, there consol looks like shit right now…who wants to pay 600 bucks for a consol
    Dont by the peeass3/…if you do, get a prepaid envelope so when it breaks you can send it back

  35. Carmen Abramo said,

    I can’t believe sony. see i thought microsoft was gonna copy something from the revolution, but for sony to copy the revolutions controller (in a way) and act like they created the idea thats just fucked up. i think sony is scared, cause they may have made it to powerful, alot of devolpers say its hard to make games for it. Well fuck Sony for being shady assholes at E3, I’ve lost all my respect for them

  36. Tom said,

    Dude, what are u guyz, damn poor freaks, complaining about a mere 600$. Microsoft, psh, HD-DVD, wowww im so scareddddddd. sony has blu-ray, with over 170 companies under it, and that inclides 75% of hollywood. so please, stop crying, cause blu-ray is the future. HD-DVD, omg 25 GB on a dual layer disc wowwwwwwww, thats amazing. freaks, blu-ray can go upto 100gb in a quad layer disc. and its 54 gb for dual, and 25 for a single, thats all the “space limitation” problems gone for the developers. Plus, movie’s dont need to be compressed anymore. and with HD, sony wins again with 1080progressive. oo, 360 has 1080 interlaced. mymy, im gettin real freaked out, NINTENDO prolly wont even have HD, how sad is that? PS3 is 2x more powerful than the 360, and way way way more powerful than that pathetic Wii(what a sad ass name). lets see, what else is there, bluetooth controllers, hmm maybe the battery life sux on those, but 3,2 ghz wireless for xbox, omg how shit is that man, bluetooth has a 300mbps transfer rate, and 3.2ghz wireless, A SAD CRAP PATHETIC 54. next up, xbox live, this is where xbox is ahead, xbox live is amazing, but u need a WIRE oMgGgGg… wifi=ps3 thats called innovation. and for u little complainers who are saying that sony “stole” the motion sensing, im sorry to tell u that my MOUSE, the gyro somthing from logitech has motion sensing, i wave it arnd in the air. so please, agreed that sony stole the IDEA of having it in the controller, but stealing the tech. i maybe wrong with what u ppl think abt the idea staeling of the controller, if i am wrong, i apologize. the thing is that sony, is way better than any other console out there, and 600$ is a steal for such a machine, because my blu-ray player that i pre ordered cost me 1200$+shipping. so stop cribbing, and please, admit the fact that sony is better than microsoft at this point, who knows what will happen in the future…

  37. Maple said,

    Shame that people (kids) are going to want a Ps3 just because its a Ps3.
    Rather than seeing what games lay ahead for all the next gen machines and baseing their decision on that.
    I’m sure kids can’t wait to play all those ‘great’ movie tie in/EA crap games on their Ps3.

    Lets judge the consoles by the games not the harware.

  38. Tom said,

    Thats a nice way to see it, but people tend to judge much before the games they even like are out. as for me, i am a racing fan, and i know that vision gran turismo/gran turismo 5(whateva its called) is coming out in full HD, fatal inertia, and another racing game(cant remember the name) is coming out, thats y i am defending the ps3.

  39. Tom said,

    i dunno if i can double post, cause there is no edit button. anyway, to;KILL SONY FANBOYZ. i have played on the xbox 360, i played project gotham, and i wont say it was bad, it was a pretty good game. and ur talking as though the 360 came out with absolutley no flaws, try to remember u dumbass, they had major overheating problems, plus they didnt have enough units. dude, do ur research then talk, just taking aimlessly, thinkin that people are going to listen to ur trash. as for people who are crazy abt ps3, and keep trash talkin abt the 360, save it, im a huge sony fan. but that doesnt mean that im not gnna admit the the xbox is impressive. admit it guyz, u know its true, the xbox is pretty good, but ofcourse no match for the ps3.
    PS3–1500$ for the console n games collected.
    ps=15 launch titles, yay

  40. sonyfuckingsucks! said,

    Microsoft has pockets deeper than the grand canyon.
    They can fix about anything. who knows maybe in the future there will be motion scencing for the 360. I wish that the ps3 or the 360 both wont have motion scencing its stealing the idea. I have a 360 and i love it. The ps3 is gay it wont even have vibration in the controller. (now its not anythig like a dildo sorry ladies)
    The 360 can have wireless too so dont give me the shit about wires u just have to buy an adapter. Xbox live has more features. Just because its more powerfull does not mean ity will have twice as good graphics it just needs the power to run the blu ray discs and microsoft is talking about making a new better compatible disc for the 360. so really the ps3 is not better it just has a more faggot audiance.
    I do hate ps3 fans or at least obsesive ones they are such fucking nerds and play gay ass games. I play war games and other nice shit like that.

    I dont know this for sure but is it true that if u put a ps3 game in your ps3 it will only play on your ps3?
    I read it some were they said somthing about doing that to help the problem of people copying the dics.
    If thats true that means u cant rent trade in or buy used games. I think they probally changed that but I dont Know for sure.

  41. Tom said,

    yea, that sorta freaked me out too, but they eliminated that rumor a few days back. i just came back from a vacation, so i havent really followed up on the ps3. ok, microsoft is coming out with a lot of attachments, now check this out, to play HD-DVD u need an attachment, to use wireless u need an attachment. calculate the total cost of buying a 360(not the core system) a wireless adapter, and an HD-DVD player for it, it literally equals the price of the ps3. and i never said that the graphics are gnna be 2 times better. i meant come one, xbox n ps2. ps2 had a pathetic 333MHz processor, the same as the PSP, thats sad, xbox was no doubt better, but u could only see the diffrence in graphics when u played halo/2. its all down to the games, and whats pissing me off is that Moore and Kutaragi are actually relying HEAVILY on GTA 4. i know its a really important game for them, but they are like relying totally on it. But im no business man, so i respect their decision then i guess. but yea, i just bought a 360, only to play halo 3 and pgr 3. and i have to admit, playing it on a 108″ projection is lotta fun.

  42. Nate said,

    Thanks dude
    i didnt know for sure
    all i know is im happy with my 360
    and its hard to imagine life with out it

  43. somebody who just likes to have fun(not like most) said,

    Well, i don’t know about the rest of you, but i dont have 600 dollars to blow on a system and i dont think i’d bother either. I mean really, Blue Ray? What is Sony thinking? Does anybody remember how successful Dvds were when they first came out? Not very if i remember right. And im not getting really excited about watching HD movies that look just like regular ones for half the price, so ill just stick with what matters….Halo 3. By the way Sony fanboys, do some research…..Halo 2, the best selling game out there, and oh yeah….does anybody remember that little stunt Sony pulled spraying graffiti to sell their PSPs? These guys have the crappiest ethics i’ve ever seen. I still remember a time when game systems were for fun, not just about grapics and proccessors and crap.

  44. ps3 hater said,

    For God’s sake sony is the crappiest copany ever they lie so fucking much and then they just wanna rip u off with 600$ .SURPRISE japan prefers nintendo which will actualy be fun. north america prefers xbox 360 which is reliable and the people with overheating problems shouldnt keep the xbox ext to the oven.europe will stick with pc’s HA! I dont think ps3 will do well in africa and since hdtv isnt mass market thoguh luck with bluray. sony blows goats cuz they even sayd they invented 3d gaming with ps1 HAHAHA good one to bad there were 3d racing and space games on consoles and fps on pc.

  45. likes PS3 and 360 said,

    Cant we all stop hating the 360 and PS3 and just start hating nintendo?
    I am sure that i will buy a Ps3, but i like the xbox 360 too. But the xbox fanboys that are like “omFg Ps3 wilL suxX 360s BallzorZ!” are very, very ,very annoying.BTW nintendo looks and is totally GaY :P

  46. loves xbx 360 hates ps3 likes nintendo too said,

    I think nintendo is not gay. If you look at the other posts you can see how much sony wants to copy everyone. I’m not going to crash on Xbx cause I knowe for a fact that it is 100s times better than s3

  47. Maple said,

    Why hate Nintendo?
    I enjoyed the justification of it ‘looking totally GaY’
    Such a valid reason.
    Perhaps we should get over it and just enjoy the games.
    Go on switch off your computer and play something on a non ‘GaY’ looking console.

  48. anti PS3 boy said,

    Whoever the fuck tom is u suck you stupid fucking nerd you peice of shit PS3 fucking moron stop insulting 360 and wii before i dragon kick ur balls so hard they vapourise

  49. Matt said,

    While the PS3 looks more and more ridiculous by the day to me, look at the damn software people! Honestly, people say you shouldn’t buy a console for the games, but the PS3 has some really good looking games. I might have to mug someone so I can play Armored Core 4 and Assassins Creed, cause there’s no way I’m paying 600 or more dollars to play ’em.
    On the other hand, my 360 is fired up every day to play the great games it has, so I was 100% happy, until I saw the AC:4 video… that is.

  50. netllocke said,

    Weell , i can’t wait to get all 23 ps3 on November that my family & friends pre-order.

    See we can wait for a better ONE!!!

    Well we are no fan boys because we have window pc, no hard feeling to all X fans or X or what that XX thing !

    Its just that we all like to get the ONE ..”like no other”

    So when we have it by November we be too happy to watch Blu Ray video on it too!!!!

    Sorry to all those that cannot afford but to us its SO CHEAP, they could have charge us $799.00 and we still be happily paying it.

    Like no Other…weep or cry …your choice

  51. Matthew Lau said,

    PC PWNS ALL. DIRECTX10 is the best.

  52. All of sony's systems suck! said,

    All of sonys systems are crap. Sony could give a crap about customers all they care about is money, plain and simple. Why would you buy a PS3 when you can buy a xbox 360 and a nintendo Wii for the same price. I have always hated sony and will continue to hate sony.

  53. wiips3360 said,

    no offenes to u cock sucking ps3 fans i used to to be a sony fanboy not anymore after they lied overpriced a scammed all of there customers honestly i am a kid and video games are more of a kid thing and i dont no know many kid with 1000 dollars (system extra controller two games) im friends with a multi millionare and his parents wont even buy him a ps3 so it goes to show u even if ur rich its not smart do math people u caan play madden 07 on 360 and ps3 and the graphs are gonna look the same use logic u can get two great system or 1 for the same price is the ps3 really that much better helllllll no i would choose a wii and 360 over just 1 ps3 open ur eyes people ps3 isnt much better than the wii and 360 oh and btw sony doesnt have balls there sissy girls they just sat and waited to see wat nintendo and microsoft was doing to copy them sissys

  54. Jo Mama2525 said,

    The only way to go is the wii (I don’t care if it’s a goofy name) and the 360. Let’s face it, affordabilty and innovation is what people want. $600 is not a fair price point, so Sony should do the smart thing and lower the price point. The graphics of the wii and the 360 are far superior, and at the fraction of the price. The PS3 is going down the all too farmilar path of the NeoGeo. Jo MaMa2525 is my Halo 2 gamer tag

  55. Beemer 101 said,

    What in the bloody world is wrong with u HUH> Wii will have superioir graphocs, DO UR RESARCH DUDE. yes, maybe the graphic diffrence between the Xbox360 and the Ps3 will not be all that great, but the Wii has the processor the speed of like the orig. xbox, thats what i read atleast, plus its aimed to kids…the Wii has an amzing cntroller tho, i was in nintendo world in nyc this summer, saw a trailer, pretty nice man…but graphics will be shit

  56. metalgearslug said,

    See as much as I hate PS3 fanboys (and I do, a lot!) and I do love my xbox to pieces but you are all missing the point really… What does it matter which has better graphics its all about games and how they play and more importantly personal preference! Personally I’m going to be buying a Wii! Its not just focusing on how to make the console more powerfull and more graphically intensive, its all about playability. Who cares if it’s just about as powerfull as the original Xbox! just look at the overwhelming popularity of the DS with all ages 6 through 70! People said that the PSP was going to wipe the floor with it? The figures speak for themselves really… Plus for the price of the ps3 you could buy an Xbox 360 and a Wii!

  57. Jo Mama2525 said,

    No, the question is what’s wrong with you (spell u correctly). The Wii’s graphics aren’t hendered by slower processor speed (computers don’t work that way) The Wii’s graphics are just as good as the 360’s. The PS3’s graphics are worse than the 360’s and Wii’s graphics. I don’t the PS3 can keep up with it’s own processor speed. DUH!!! Have a nice day. B-)

  58. Jo Mama2525 said,

    the is think (I catch my errors stupid)

  59. BiGGSaPP said,

    on the real tho microscoft is real coo cuz x-box live is tight but the wii is goin kik ass like easy mutha fuken e
    the reason wii is goin ta win is cuz thy r innovative ok thts wat ths industry needs innovation sony dosent even make thier own games any more so for all u gay ass sony fans kiss my black ass sony suc beacauz thy have no innovation all the time sonys been out thyve been copyin nintendo first the analog stick thn the rumble now wii motion sensing and poor microscoft hasnt even been out ths long (in the gaming industry) and its x-box live service has been copyed by who……….. u guessed it SONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i promise thy get me so fukin mad thn the have the nerve to make the price $600 and plus there so scared of wat ppl thnk cuz thy swicthed there control bac to ps2’s design punk bicthes

  60. PB said,

    ps3 fanboys are stupid they don’t even know what they are talking about
    they see specs on the net and they did’nt even tried the games and they start yelling fucking stupid insults at anybody who don’t say “YEAHHH PS3 IS BETTER XBOX AND WII SUCKS” Fuck you batard d’ostie de calisse de tabarnak de gang de losers. Wii rules, because of zelda, metroid, red steel, blazing angels, Blitz, call of duty 3, dragonball, elebits, excite truck, farcry, gtpro series, madden, need for speed, rayman, tony hawk , mario galaxy, plus the virtual console(that is some real backward compatibility) and even more. NOW THAT IS WHAT IS CALLED A TRUE LAUNCH LINEUP!!!!!!. wii games will be more fun and they will have better third party support than ever in history of videogames.and the big majority of these games are’nt for children. and even if the wii specs are a lot lower than its concurrents, remeber that it have a far better architecture and it need a lot less ressources than a fuck’in ps3 to run.
    You pay 300$for your fuck’in bluray player, and you don’t even know if you will be able to buy movies for it in two year. you pay for hdmi support, so you have to pay for a fuck’in 3000$ tv first (and they don’t even give the cable to plug it!). And now they have so much problem to produce it, that only 20% of the consoles will reach the shop, and i’m pretty sure that 80 of those will break during the first year. You want to buy a ps3. fine. let me tell you the sad truth: you’re a moron
    and I,ll tell you something more: nothing is more ugly and stupid than a ps3 fanboy watching a fuck’in video on the net and telling you: “hey man…that is real power” ………..THAT is fucking GAY

  61. mike said,

    yo guys im trying to decide between xbox 360,ps3
    i dont care which one cost more i just wanna see which one u guys like and tell my why. also I am leaning to the ps3 because i have so many ps2 games that i like and they are fun to play . also does anyone know if ps3 is gonna have a good oline system .

  62. PB said,

    it is said that the ps3 will have a lot of trouble playing ps1 and ps2 games, especially from third-party developpers, which mean….almost every game

  63. mike said,

    oh really well im also keeping my ps2 so if i does have trouble playing ps2 games than i guess i could live with that and i dont why but i like the ps2 dual shock controller so im glad that ps3 is useing basically the same controller. also im still tryin to decide between xbox 360/ps3. so tell me which one u guys think is better

  64. mike said,

    also if xbox 360 is sooo great why aren’t u xbox fan boys playin it know instead of arguing on witch is beter ps3 or 360 . just my 2 cents

  65. carl said,

    wat really pisses me off is the fact the all you sony fanboys just love to rave and rant on some chunk of silver colored shit that even ken kutaragi struggles to hold in his on hands. What good games are there for the PS3?????? Before you blame micorsoft for its flaws, look at the PS3, sony products are super delicate and if the PS3 is twice as big as an Xbox, may the PS3 fry. BTW, the PS3 controller is virtually a PS2 controller with the cord ripped out, a nintendo patent inside, a remote control, and a couple of new buttons.

    P.S: They also dumped the PS3 controller in silver paint :D

  66. mike said,

    if someone has a ps3 for 2 years than wants to buy a bigger 100gb hard dive how to the get there old saves and stuff onto there new one

  67. xACEx said,

    I would like to say somethin here, PS3 sucks now let me finish.

    1. Price
    2. Length it will take to come out
    3. They have copied so much crap from the other consoles that it is just copied crap
    and finally When halo 3 comes out PS3 sale Will Go down


  68. Jesus said,

    God says that PS3 fanboys are the most ignorant race on the planet.

  69. mike said,

    Got a 60 gb ps3 at lauch and its amazing no problems yet the only thing is that the internet browser is a bit slow. The controller is amazing also. Resistance is a great game especially the online part.

  70. Maple said,

    Wii and DS kicked PS3’s sorry ass this week!

  71. The Terrible Future said,

    i am from the future ohhhhhhhhhh!(at the beggining some comments are over a year old) of december of this year and the PS3 really sucks!!!!!! ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

  72. romrom said,

    never be a fanboy, it is not healthy…

    Anyway PS3 and wii all the way…

  73. mick said,

    wii rules and so does xbox 360 the ps3 is just trying too hard with all its “good Graphics” thats the only thing it has got

  74. mick said,

    also dead rising is an excellent game

  75. Zangetsu said,

    After reading some of these comments… All I’m left with is how much our education system has failed many of you. :-/ With all the bad spelling, uneducated remarks made by ps3 and xbox 360 owners alike its a sad day on both sides of the fence. You can say that i’m a sony fan boy but at the end of the day I look at the facts.
    fact 1 Sony has been in video game market for some time. While microsoft is new to the game … Microsoft has made som good attempts at making good consoles they just dont have the support sony has in terms of games. Now they are trying to make consumer buy a hd dvd drive thats almost the same size as the 360 so its like you have 2 360’s on your entertainment center to do 1 job. On the other hand sony decided to wait until their next gen storage techonology was perfected before mass marketing it to consumers.
    Fact 2 Xbox 360 uses current gen tech just super charged like 1 3 core processor running @ 3.2 Ghz. while ps3 uses next gen tech … 1 processor with 9 cores.. 1 main core 8 spu’s doing other calculations @ 3.2 Ghz each. … come one need i say more.
    I understand the feeling of “I just spent $$$$ on a game system let me give it props reguardless of how silly I sound when backing the product.” I been there with n64 for those of you that remember that flop.

  76. Andrew said,

    Yea i do think you should kno y, and im saying it now, PS3 fanboys annoy me, There saying its the best thing ever, well there are far off….very far

  77. Andrew said,

    -cough- PS3 SUX

  78. Someone that has a point. said,

    Guys, seriously. Stop fighting over a stupid system. I don’t know if anyone wants to bother to hear my opinion but I’m going to say it anyway. My opinion is that all 3 of the next-gen game consoles have potential and are fundamentally good. Even though specs don’t necessarily say everything, but they still give approximate information of what the system may be like. I think all 3 of the game companies; Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony have done a very good to job to make it this far. Sure as you can see the date of my comment is after the release of the 3 next-gen consoles, but my point is that all 3 next-gen consoles are good in their own way and to think otherwise is foolishness within itself.

  79. gamerguy said,

    i think you should delete ALL fanboy comments, wii, xbox360 and PS3
    im getting a PS3 but i dont say 360 suxxxx and wii is ghey, i like all of them but want the PS3 for the longrun, i get annoyed when i see a wii, 360 or PS3 fanboy defending thier console and totally egnoring the facts, they just say the other one sucks and make false claims, if a fanboy has brought a 360, wii or PS3 why the hell would they even want to make fun of the other consoles, THEY DONT EVEN OWN ONE !!!!!!

  80. gamerguy said,

    and also how can you guys compare these console, wii, 360 and PS3 are almost totally different systems, its like comparing a dinosaw to a lion to a monster truck, it just carnt be done with anyreal sense, on an earlyer post someone said a DS kicked PS3s ass, HELLO A DS IS A HANDHELD CONSOLE AND PS3 ISNT !!!

  81. sgt. outlaw said,

    All of these “ps3 fan-jerks” are pathetic nimrods! i mean, let’s face it–these fan-jerks chose a lousy-piece of crap-huge disappointment-game console, instead of buying an xbox 360 or a wii. these ps3 fan-dweebs are just upset that the fact is—ps3 has failed to bring great games and cannot compete with such awesome titles like halo 3, gears of war and soon—gears of war 2! remember all of those media hype that sony had for their next-gen console? it was a tease, i must admit for a little while, but that’s it! the launching day came, and it was a DISAPPOINTMENT, right? no great titles available, except fot resistance: fall of man–but not even good enough to be compared with “gears of war” for the xbox 360! sony even said, “THE EVOLUTION”, which i did not find it amusing at all, because if you all noticed—why is it the design of the ps3 controller looks exactly the same from the ps2? oh wait…first, the boomerang design that made it more pathetic, then sony decided to bring back the original design from their previous console. I’M A 360 GAMER AND SORRY TO SAY THIS, BUT THE PS3 WILL JUST BE CONTENT BEING THE THIRD IN THE RACE OF THIS SO-CALLED NEXT-GEN WAR CONSOLE. and lastly, for all those “ps3 fan-dweebs”, YOU PEOPLE ARE PATHETIC, DUMB-NUTS, NO-BRAIN SCHMUCKS, JUST LIKE YOUR BELOVED PS3!!!

  82. Maple said,

    People who enjoy playing games bought a DS. People who just want a PS3 because its a PS3, making no software choices prior to their purchase have wasted their money and passion on a machine that plays betamax (oops sorry bluray) DVDs
    That’s the comparrison I made.

    My point is that I wish people would make their console choice based on the future gaming experiences they wish to have rather than: ‘I want a PS3’

    Lets wait and see, not who wins the next gen war, but which console is the most ecclectic and enjoyable.

    Each last gen machine was great, but xbox and cube were still overshadowed by PS2 not because of an amazing line up of software, but because we had all bought a PS1 so we wanted the next one.

    Let us learn from this mistake.

  83. non-biased said,

    The reason xbox fanboys come and trash the ps3 because ps3 fanboys trash xbox 360 with information thats right, then xbox 360 fanboys get irritated then trash it so the ps3 would seem bad and make them feel better.
    I’m not on either side cause I have a ps3 and a xbox 360.
    (sorry if I offend anyone.

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