November 27, 2005

Playstation 3: Reality Synthesizer?

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(Source: IGN)


 Sony has opted for a more Nintendo-like role for the WPC Expo, having a presence through a key note speech given by Sony Computer Entertainment president Ken Kutaragi. At the keynote, Kutaragi discussed the PS3 and how it will help to create a digital future.

Today’s new buzzword, introduced by Kutaragi during his speech, is “Reality Synthesis.” Kutaragi used this term (he said it in English) to describe what he feels is the core of the Playstation 3: “creating a real time world in real time.”

Kutaragi also tossed out many of the concepts Sony’s been using in tandem with the Playstation 3 since the start, from home servers to interconnected CELL processors. The CELL will allow for multiple streams of noise-free high definition video with a wide dynamic range and high frame rate. Using a home server featuring multiple CELL processors, you’ll be able to download contents from the internet using high speed connections and up convert it in real time before playing on the PS3. And so on….



I don’t know exactly why, but I missed this article from IGN :)  

 “creating a real time world in real time.”

This horrifies me. We already have a real time world in real time. What should we do with a digital one? Will ps3 allow us to eat pizza and spaghetti and enjoy them as real ones? Or will we have sex through a Playstation 3?

Why doesn’t Mr. Kutaragi just say “our games will tell incredible, original, exciting stories merged with an incredible graphical context” more than “we’ll create a virtual world”?

That’s what I hate about japanese (but, let’s say it, worldwide) videogames business. A lot of technology to hypnotize us, but few interest in making our souls a little richer.


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