November 27, 2005

300 gb HVD Storage Unit Announced

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Here it is. A yellow one, finally, it looks nice!

It’s Maxell last creation, a new storage medium, coming out next year.
Generated by InPhase Technologies, this little piece of wonder is called HVD, meaning “Holographic Versatile Disc “.
Holographic, mmm… this sounds strange. Why “holographic”?! Is it supposed to  contain Holographies’ data? An official medium for the super-next generation 3d cinema?
Well… as you guessed from the article’s title, it can handle 300GB of data, to be transfered at 20 MegaBytes per second. Later, it should achieve 1.6TB (!!!) (TeraByte, 1,600 GB) storage capacity and 120MBps bandwidth transfer rate.
Those disks will have an usage life of about 50 years, vs 20-100 years (nobody knows it exactly :)) for the old, good CD-RW.
Ok, now that we’ve read this thing, PS3’s Blu-Ray discs are starting to look weird. They are old :P let’s implement HVD immediately! Just kidding.
Microsoft XBox 360’s DVD has “only” 9gb storage capacity, and IMHO it’s more than enough. It’s what you put inside that makes the difference…


  1. That’s hott! Buuut… I’m sure it’s a ways off…

    Even if it does come out next year it’ll be so unrealistically expensive it won’t make sense.

  2. Jim said,

    Actually it may not be as expensive as you may believe. Many expect it to be priced similar to when Zip drives arrived.

    It only uses one laser (as any other DVD drive does).

    The alternative to this technology, made by Ricoh, will have 8 lasers and will not hold as much. THAT will cost a bundle!

    I am very excited about this and see this as a killer of the poor, old-school fight going on between HD-DVD (Phillips) and Blu-Ray (Sony). I see it appearing out of nowhere and causing HD-DVD and Blu-Ray to take a near-instant back seat!

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