November 25, 2005

New Embrace Of Time Screenshots

Posted in General, previews, RPG at 1:25 pm by playstation3

Here are some new Embrace of time screenshots. Well, not gameplay screenshots and not exactly new ones, but interesting for those that still didn’t enjoy them.




This character is quite goth. Quite dark. Quite bad. The latin name of this chapter means “Eye of resurrection”… mmm… and “The embrace of time”… well, cute names :)



  1. Arix said,

    i thought that FF VII wasn’t going to be remade. I read about an interview with Nomura and he said there wasn’t going to be one even though the PS3 promo was a glimpse into what FF VII would look on PS3. It would be nice though, seeing all the rendering into PS3 from it’s PSOne origins. If they DO decide to do so, I hope that the FF peoples won’t change too much of the original game form. The PSOne version was epic, I seriously hope they don’t change it.

    the guy looks like a Cloud/Versus guy wannabe. I mean come on, his clothes screams “I love Cloud’s outfit from Advent Children” and the hairstyle is the same as the Versus person. geez, some original character models please???

  2. Blan said,

    Cloud the man HA! Sephiroth RULES, how that thats said i soo very very what them to remake FF7.and im cant wait till FF13 comes out it will rock or i will go….fu*kin crazy.I also loved the movie it was asum!!

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