November 23, 2005

Is PS3 better? Why? TEN reasons!

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Source: [IGN]

Let’s analyze PS3’s top 10 strong points as IGN described them!

Reason #10: Xbox 360 Doesn’t Have a Killer App
360’s launch lineup is admirable; there are 18 games and five first-person shooters. It can even be argued that the 360’s overall average quality of titles is greater than that of previous systems. And yet not a single game is Killer App worthy? Where’s the Halo? Where’s the Mario? Where’s the Soul Calibur? Where’s the frickin’ interest?

It’s true, though. PS2 launched with a sorry lot of games and PSOne featured a similarly disgraceful lineup, but with the advent of PS3, Microsoft may have wished it more heavily emphasized one game its new console could forever be known for. This is because PS3 has the Metal Gear potential, Warhawk, Tekken, I-8, Gran Turismo, Killzone, and a dozen other high profile games that may hit day one to put a smiling face to the splendid PlayStation name. And when you can associate Dante with PS3, will anything else matter?

Where’s the Halo?! Oh my god, I heard Halo 3 was being developed and known as xbox 360’s golden token… Anyway, isn’t it too early to emphatize games that we only know through 3-4 screenshots and nothing more?

Reason #9: Dual-Screen and 1080p Support
1080p! Sweet Marie! Even if most televisions don’t support it, why limit yourself to interlaced images when you can experience the glory of 1080 progressive? Support is for the weak! PS3 is forward looking, if anything. This means when you invest in the ultimate display technology however many years down the road, PS3 will make good on your purchase by outputting the absolute best image available on the market. And according to boastful Sony reps, we’ll see games running at 120fps, too.

The Dual-Screen support also adds some interesting 3D potential. Layering images is a great way to fake depth. But if Killzone in full 3D isn’t your cup of tea, maybe panoramic F1 racing will be? The option is certainly there. If the next Ace Combat doesn’t feature dual screen-in cockpit support, we know it at least could have if it wanted to. Boo-yah, 360. Where your 720p now?

Oh well… I hope I’ll become rich before ps3 launch date :) I really hope so… a Dual Screen is a dream. 360 with such a feature? Are you kidding? :)

Reason #8: Hefty Expandability / Connectivity Options
Have expansion, will travel. The best way to maximize a console’s lifespan is by lining it with a thousand ports and interfaces of every type. In this way PS3 has expandability written all over it. Compact Flash, SD Card, Memory Stick, Blue Tooth, USB 2.0… If Sony ever wants to add-on, it need not limit itself to one standard. And if you ever want to jam something into your PS3, chances are you’ll be able to, assuming it’s not toast.

Moreover, PS3 will also be intimately familiar with the PSP, meaning cross-platform associations will be all over the place. Expect PS3 games to take full advantage of the little PlayStation Portable by offering unlockable content and new multiplayer possibilities. What if a PSP player could control Otacon’s droid in the next MGS? Whoops!
Yes, yes. But a lot of connectivity brings to a lot of piracy, never forget about it and remember about the PSP tragedy…
Reason #7: You Can Still Pre-Order
It seems to happen during every system launch, but nobody ever learns their lesson. In the rush to be the first on the block to own a brand new console, mobs of people invade their local retailers while forming lines larger than what you’d see during Fourth of July weekend at Disneyland. It gets even worse once you’re inside the store — as people hurry to the videogame section eager to snatch up whatever overpriced bundle pack they can, so that the managers who decided to throw the promotion together can milk every last penny out of your paper route.

This can be avoided, however, if you just plunk down fifty or so bucks a few months ahead of time. All you have to do in this scenario is walk right into your retailer of choice, pay of the remainder of the balance and go home with a smile on your face. With a release date of just under a year away, the PS3 still lets you do this. The Xbox 360, on the other hand, does not.

This is not a relevant reason to prefer PS3 :)
Reason #6: Seven-Player Wireless Support
While being able to play with six of your buddies offline in addition to playing with a single system will only be appealing for a small number of genres, it can be especially important for sports games in particular. Being able to populate an NBA or NHL team entirely with human players is something that isn’t possible on any system outside of the PlayStation line, and the PS3 will keep with this trend.

If you’ve ever played through a season of your favorite sports game with each of your buddies taking control of a single player for the season, you know how rewarding and fun this sort of setup can be. Again, it’s only possible on a Sony system, and in the next-generation the only place to find multiplayer support of this kind will be on the PlayStation 3.

I agree, yes, it gives me a sense of freedom. Anyway, where will the 7 guys stay? There is no place in my room :D
Reason #5: The HD IP Camera
The EyeToy is one of the all-time most successful peripherals released for a console for a number of reasons — the biggest being that it works phenomenally well in its simplicity. The PlayStation 3 will see the release of the HD IP camera, which we’ll assume will be called the EyeToy 2, or at least something that sounds a little more consumer-friendly.

The camera features a native HD resolution, allowing you to transmit crystal-clear images to the PS3 for online play and more. And with the increased resolution and the PS3’s processing power, the camera will allow for even more advanced, yet natural, input with the system. Take that, Microsoft and Nintendo! Plus, being that it’s IP-based, the camera’s functionality ties directly into Internet use, allowing you to transmit feeds over the Intarweb with ease.
Eyetoy is nice, yes. But I didn’t feel the need for it in a new console.
Reason #4: Full Backwards Compatibility
360 will let you play Halo and whatever other games Microsoft chooses to eventually support, but Sony has the PSOne and PS2 library covered, save for a few minor exceptions. Imagine booting up Tobal No. 1 just because you feel like it or taking on Shattered Soldier because you haven’t gotten your ass kicked enough lately. That’s what PS3 can do for you.

The coolest part is that PS3 may also be able to enhance the older games. Much in the same way PS2 improved PSOne games with better texture filters and enhanced load times, we expect PS3 games to add even better texture filtering, quicker loads, full scene anti-aliasing graphics and goodness knows what else.

THIS is one of the keys to success. Playstation 3 is backward compatible! We’ll have a TRIPLE amount of games choice… if you don’t care too much about graphics this means You’ll have access to a massive encyclopedia of games of last ten years!
Reason #3: Stronger Japanese Developer Support
One of the PlayStation 2’s most powerful allies in the current-gen console wars was its strong relationship with fan favorite Japanese developers. Square Enix, Konami, Capcom, Bandai, Atlus, Nippon Ichi, and Namco (among others) each offered unique content for Sony’s system that you weren’t going to find anywhere else. Tekken, Final Fantasy, Ace Combat, Devil May Cry, and a host of other games are just a few examples of this successful relationship… and none of them ever came out for the Xbox.

More importantly, though, the companies above supported the PS2 more heavily than they did other systems as a general rule — and when you consider that all of the above names have already signed on for one or more projects in the first year of PlayStation 3 alone, that support is obviously going to continue. In fact, nearly 100 games were already announced by Japanese studios at or around this year’s Tokyo Game Show — which exponentially more than the confirmed Japanese titles available for the 360. And let us not forget that Sony’s own internal Japanese studio isn’t too bad itself.

Mah.. no comment

Reason #2: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Remember when we said that the Xbox 360 doesn’t have a killer app yet? Well the PlayStation 3’s Metal Gear Solid 4 is definitely a killer app. Game creator Hideo Kojima has shown time and time again that he knows how to craft an excellent videogame, and after witnessing the impressive real-time demonstration of Guns of the Patriots (and its accompanying trailer) at TGS this past September, we’re already convinced that the PS3 will be capable of some amazing things. A great pedigree plus great technology? Sounds good to us!

I love Hideo :D let’s see what comes out. We are expecting big emotions from Metal Gear Solid 4, but let’s not focus everything on it...

Reason #1: The Blu-ray Player
Sony and Company’s next-generation disc format has yet to see the light of day in its final form, but the pure technology behind the format is immensely promising from both a gaming and general entertainment standpoint. We’re talking 50GB+ of storage space here, more than 5x the space than the 360’s DVD format can muster.

More storage space means more room for content which helps widen the possibilities of the PS3’s power. Who needs a next-gen system if you run out of content space on your media (and keep in mind, Microsoft has no plans to incorporate HD-DVD or anything like it)? Blu-ray’s transfer rate is also quite quick, and though the PS3’s actual drive speed hasn’t yet been announced, speedy load times should be on the horizon. And with all of the studio support that the Blu-ray Disc Association has garnered, it’s sure to be one hell of a next-gen home video format. In short, the PlayStation 3 will have the most advanced storage medium of any game system on the planet.

I already discussed this point enough :) another good hit. But I’m still in doubt if there was any need to have such a big storage capacity. Do they already know what to put inside it?



  1. semantic said,

    …and of course, it comes pre-installed RootKit.

  2. ripi$money said,

    All of these are great reasons (except preorder, pretty irrelevant) to wait and at least check one out before making a decision. I am leaning towards a PS3, but I can’t say anything definitively because no one one this entire planet has ever seen one. The first 360s crash, so waiting can’t hurt at all… Sony won’t make the mistake of a core unit again, after the first PS2s didn’t ship with modems or network adapters, people weren’t so willing to shovel out $40 for one. This time around it’s Wi-Fi standard out of the box, not to mention all those ports. Companies will be able to do a lot with this features, and make a more customizeable console. I can’t wait!

  3. Nick said,

    PS3 is going to suck! XBOX 360 all the way! XBOX 360 has something that

    the PS3 don’t have, and thats Halo 3. Halo 3 is coming out day-and-date

    with the Sony PS3 in a counter programming move. PS3 don’t stand a

    chance in this generation! Xbox 360 is going to wipe out the competition.

    They are going to beat Sony and Nintendo in this next generation console

    war. Sony has no chance going up against the most anticipated game

    sequal of all time! You may have beaten the original Xbox, but the 360 is

    going to whoop all over you guys this time, so get ready to lose.

  4. widowmaker said,

    Nick is a moron………….No way i am going for a 360 just because of One game ….ooohhh wow Halo(zzzzzz)….verses FF. GT1-2-3-4-++++ not to mention fully backwards compatiable……

  5. lordofthefries said,

    Seriously. I think it is pathetic that anyone would purchase a console for only one game, unless you just have that kind of money to blow (spoiled brat). Hopefully Microsoft will pour more money into this project then they get out of it and they’ll just go away. They have done nothing useful for the market or the culture of gaming.

  6. ps3 said,

    ps3 is one of the best things that is ever out. since this world exists there is nothing thats better than all u xbox lovers fear the ps3!!!

    ////////////////ps3 rules///////////////xbox360 sucks//////////////////

  7. ps3 said,

    there are more ps3 lovers than xbox360 lovers

  8. peezy said,

    well i dont kno much about chips and i dont encourge them either (at least on here) but xbox can already play PS 1 and 2 games and its jus a matter of time when 360 can do the same. So really will a PS3 chip play Xbox360 or Gamecube games?

  9. 3_6_0 MAN said,

    microsoft has only made 2, xbox and xbox360 sony has made 3, ps1 ps2 and ps3. the ps3 and the xbox360 is running neck & neck. think about it if microsoft makes number 3 its going to be bad.

  10. Curtis said,

    one of my friends bought an Xbox 360 and it looks good, but i’m still looking forward to PS3. first of all Wi-Fi, Second of all 7 bluetoothed controlers, third multi screen support and hdmi support, fourth is fully backwards compatilbe, fifth etc….

  11. Chris said,

    Ahh the blu-ray monopoly – – – Didn’t sony try to do that with the minidisc, by only using sony owned recordings and make the other guys join in???? It was an awesome product at the time, but they had to be greedy – How’d that work out for them?? They also angered me with the DVD-Audio vs. Super Audio CD- it’d be nice if they’d quit trying to take over (not saying Bill Gates doesn’t :) ) but it makes people have to spend more money to have both formats – I never thought that the original XBOX would make it in a PS and Nintendo world, but they proved me wrong – I’ll just wait til both are available to decide.

  12. Aaron said,

    PS3 is gonna be the awsomest system in this generation of gamming. Think about it this way PS2 sold millions of coppies and Xbox and Gamecube together didnt even sell a fraction of the ammount so its very likely or garenteed to do the same thing.. You know how everyones saying its the PS3 vs xbox360 vs nintendo revolution, well their wrong its Revolution&Xbox360 vs Playstation3!!!!!!!! and PS3 is going to WOOP a whole lotta a**. Nintendo and Xbox didnt even take the time to custome build their graphics were sony did and I dont think they call it a Reality Synthesizer for their health, the name descibes the graphics it will have. I also like the cool new form of the controller, I like the fact that it has all the old buttons on it and the grip is VERY comfortable and makes better and more comfortable play. Im a big Playstation fan and hopefully will have enough money to buy it when it comes out and if I dont I will some how, way, shape, or form be able to afford it and i think everyone should do the SAME!!!!!!! SO START SAVIN!!!
    PS3 is gonna rock!!!! and thats all there is to it!

  13. redsoxfan said,

    PS3 all da way. Xbox and Microsoft arent even that experienced when it comes to videogame consoles. i mean c’mon the only reason people want da xbox 360 is because of halo 3. dats it. at least sony is makin sure that there systems are actually WORKING before they ship them. o and by the way, xbox 360 copied PS2’s design. (vertical,horizantal)
    PS3 ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    xbox 360 sux (trust me its not worth $400. It will break down right when u plug it in!)

  14. RS said,

    All I have to say about all you game bashers is to each its own boh consoles are going to have their own strengths and weaknesses I’ll purchase the ps3 to I am a very avid gamer I don’t discriminate I play them all so you guys need to chill with that console bashing crap because those companies don’t care whether you buy their products or not they still will make billions regardless!!!!

  15. Chris said,

    well guys I’m usually an xbox fan but as much as I like to say i am looking for something more powerful and heard the playstation 3 will be twice as powerful than the xbox 360 I just need a little more true information on the sony playstation 3 I need to know are the graphics going to be better and the speed and a bunch of other stuff like that.

  16. Hailey said,

    PS3 RO0CKSZ X-BO0X 360 BOOOOO !! =)

  17. karslo said,

    PS3 is going to be a million times better than xbox 360. Better gameplay, graphics, cutseens, better games, better online play, controller and much more! xbox 360 is gonna be cool, but PS3 is going to kill it in every way!

  18. lil george said,

    I think it´s kind of dum to think xbox is beter than sony´s playstation3 everything, because of one game that made a difference on that thing. I just want to say that Ps is the best youcant get.

  19. karkar said,

    I am going for the PS3. It looks and sounds more impressive than the xbox 360. And I don’t see a lot of impressive games for the xbox 360 so far. Call of duty, Dead or alive and project gotham are all great games but they aren’t that killer app type of game that us gamers are hungry, look at the PS3 games: Vision gran turismo, metal gear solid 4, Grand theft auto (now exclusive for the PS3), killzone 2, Devil may cry 4, Formula 1, I-8 and warhawk and nobody can say that these are not killer app games cuz their sequels have amzing reviews.

  20. Marah Rababah said,

    PS3 fo life, y’all! xbox 360 sucks asses. The only good game thats going to be good for xbox 360 is Halo and that’s it! the rest suck my mamas big ass. NEX GEN, XBOX 360 WILL BE BEATEN SO BAD BY THE PS3 THAT IT WONT EVEN BE FUNNY! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  21. monkey-raped said,

    Right……..PS3 is absolutely going to analy Rape xbox360……oh come on ! D00ds xbox has no chance of surviving….the best thing would be is the Xbox getting released on the same day as the PS3 lmfao….microsoft would die out from shame of full stocks and shelfs of their crappy gay ass consoles…..meh……lol seriously id hang my monkey ass if i got a Xbox360 as a present from some1….:D Sony Ching chang chong ppl rule !!!! :P HIDEO+Game making=MGS4-guns of the patirots/gamers like meh=many months of wasting life infront of my tv :)

  22. matt said,

    Okay I found this kid who has no idea what he’s talking about and I thought it was pretty funny so I posted his message below.

    karslo said,

    “PS3 is going to be a million times better than xbox 360. Better gameplay, graphics, cutseens, better games, better online play, controller and much more! xbox 360 is gonna be cool, but PS3 is going to kill it in every way!”

    Is it? The PS3 does not have the best gameplay of the three systems, The Nintendo Revolution does. Sure the PS3 has the best graphics, But at what cost? Do you have any idea how hard it is to develop for the PS3 because of its graphics? The graphics will add not only to the cost of the PS3 itself, But it will add at least $10 to every game just like Xbox 360 games now cost $60.00. If the PS3 graphics are as superior to the Xbox 360 as Sony says, Then you would have to fork over a good amount of money for your games. Besides, Better graphics doesn’t mean better games, Only shallow gamers think graphics are the only thing that matters. What’s up with this kid and cut-scenes? “OH MY GOD LOOK IT’S A CUT-SCENE IT’S THE BEST PART OF THE ENTIRE GAME!!!” What I can’t stand in a game is boring cinematic dialogue. I could just imagine a cut-scene of Ratchet And Clank and it would go something like this…
    Ratchet: We’ve gotta stop him!!! Lets go!!!
    Clank: Yeah lets go, So we can stop him!!!
    By the way Karslo, It’s spelled cut-scene. Not cutseen. Also, You said the PS3 has better games. How the hell would you know? Sony released trailers for like 3 games and no one has ever seen a working PS3. Besides Sony consoles rarely come up with good games. At least Xbox had Halo and Halo2 and Gamecube had SSBM, Super Mario Sunshine, And Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess. But PS1 or PS2 had never had any games that made people want to buy that console just for that game. What makes you think the PS3 will? MGS4 will probably turn out to be a disappointment. And what makes you think the PS3 will have better online gameplay? You already know Xbox live is good and the Nintendo Revolution will offer FREE online gameplay to the best games. But if PS3 even makes online gameplay it will be very expensive with no good games to verse eachother on. And the controller, Who the hell thinks the PS3 controller is the best? It looks like a lesbian sex toy. It looks very uncomfortable and since Sony lost the case for violating a patent to using the vibrating feature in its Dual Shock controllers, The new controller won’t have a rumble feature, Which aslo means it is very likely that PS3 won’t be backwards compatible with any games using that rumble feature. There are so many more reasons why the PS3 will be a disappointment but I can’t say them all so I will just stop here and say that the PS3 and Xbox 360 are basically expensive upgrades to Xbox and PS2, The Nintendo Revolution is the only console trying something new and is actually worth getting.

  23. Pat said,

    GTA IV? Wheres your God now PS3?

  24. the_defeat_of_360 said,

    hi guys i just want to say that well.. ps3 is going to defeat 360 for sure..
    just look at the graphics.
    some expertst compared the ps3 with the best pc you can imagine. and what do you think they said? they where sure that ps3 was just better! :D
    if you want a really really REALLY want a good pc you might just spend more than maybe 2500 dollars? i’m not a real computer expert but a ps3 has allmost everething a pc has! and it even has a blu-ray player :D:D:D so why woud you spend so much money if you can get the ultimate console for just a couple of a hundred bucks! and now all those 360 fans say it´s to expensive well i might just be one of the first persons who bought a ps2 by then it was 1500 dollars!! and the 360 was 450 or so? and now for 100 or maybe 200 dollars more you can get the ultimate console!! I am sure the ps3 is better now! :) ALL YOU PEOPLE JUST BELIEVE ME!! IF YOU WANT A GOOD CONSOLE , GO FOR A PS3!!! BEYE :P

  25. ps3 wins said,

    i think 360 is just like a ps1 game console.. ugly.. bad graphics.. slow performance.. not that i don’t like ps1 but you know what i mean ;)

  26. Josh said,

    My final thoughts on the triple console war
    The verdict Ps3 is the clear winner. Now my statements come solely from personal experience, the Xbox360 crashed more than it played, and the graphics I found to be equal to ohh, in Nvidia equivalents to be equal to the 6800 mobile, literally my notebook pc, with 256 mb of video ram, the test for that was Oblivion, which like I said ran smoother, and faster on my notebook, not to mention more detailed(no as you’re running you can see the grass, and trees rendering as you walk, or heh, also graphic glitches thanks to the poor performing ATi Xenos core.
    The final deciding factor graphics wise was Need for speed carbon, simply put, I could read the model of my Mercedes in the ps3 version where as the x360 version, well, with the distant rear view for the car, I could’nt tell the benz from the chrysler. I’m not a fan boy of either, I’m a pc gamer I’m just lending my personal views on what I’ve seen, the Ps3 is vastly superior, with the exception of games, but like the ps2 miserable launch lineup, within a year it caught up with some blockbusters.
    As for the Wii, don’t get me started there, I was so mad at that thing I was spewing more fire than a crashed Xbox 360 :)
    Well this is my view on the x360,wii,ps3 showdown, give the Ps3 a chance and it will shine like fine polished silver.
    On another note the game Gears of War while looking nice the developer said that that is about as good as it is going to get,saying they used 85-100 percent of the gpu, and around 45-60 percent of the processor, and maxed out the memory causing artifacting(another Xenos issue as well, most noted in Project Gotham 3.While the Ps3’s current games are pretty much running as the low end first run, around fall 2007 the games are really going to look good when developers gain more expertise to using the CELL, infact right now only 1 or two spe’s are being used, while the others are kinda just idling waiting for something to do.
    I’ve since giving up on the x360 taken it apart and opted to a older Athlon liquid nitrogen cooling system placed in a computer case(no pics yet will have soon, get the cooler block stable(mounting clips wrong, so modification needed, also theres the memory cooling
    I’ve also had issues running highdef with the x360, meaning…..well no major difference with running composite, and componant,(I don’t own a hdmi tv……yet)The Ps3 when using the componant cable from Sony, offers a vast improvement in sharpness, and color running in 480i than the Xbox 360 running in 780p, I could not get the X360 to run past that, and even then it would’nt display right. The ps3 runs all the way up to my tv’s max res of 1080i with ease, and I never knew my tv could produce such beautiful color, hell even my computers cannot replicate that. I might try a XHD monitor for hdmi input, and see how high the Ps3 can go! :)

  27. kiran said,

    go suck owt ur fat ass mom nick
    ps3 will pang the shit asss xbox 360
    mother fuckkkkkkkerrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. bob said,

    dont be chattin shit biatch
    abwt “get the xbox 360 because of 1 game”
    go suck ur grandmas balls 253degrees to the raaaasssssssssss cllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttt right
    my nigga

  29. wow. how does all that tech stuff stand against games, gameplay, innovation, and GAMES!!!! Wii is the best.

    type NintendoCentral on youtube

  30. bizzy bone said,

    ps3 is better den da wack ass xbox bitches

  31. Bob said,

    Now halo has actually come out, i have to sya as an xbox owner that i am incredibly disapointed with it. And loads agree with me so now ive got a PS£ and all i can say is WOW

  32. DeathChain01 said,

    I am responding after the PS3 has been released, and it sure does look like the Xbox 360 is winning in the war of 2007. It has Halo 3 (which, I might add, has the most advanced multi-player I have ever seen, it has Forge mode [let’s you edit maps in almost every way], Team Slayer, Big Team Battle, Capture the Flag, Rocket Race, Lone Wolves, etc…. It basically has every game type ever thought of.) Bioshock, Dead Rising, The Orange Box (has Half-Life 2, who could be disappointed with that?), and a lineup of other great games. Does the PS3 support any of these? I don’t think so. Plus, the PS3 cost a ridiculous amount of money ($600 for a console? NO. Even with it’s price drop, it’s still $500.) Furthermore, the PS3, I’m pretty sure, doesn’t have an Arcade, and the system doesn’t look as customizable as the Xbox 360. Does the PS3 have faceplates? No. Does it have the ability to be disassembled and completely redone so it represents your favorite games? I haven’t seen any, yet there are hundreds of customized 360’s. People even customized the first Xbox. I have not seen any custom PS2’s yet, or PSone’s. (Noting that the abbreviation for the PSone IS PSone, not PS1…) tThat is basically why the Xbox 360 is better than the PS3.

  33. Moe said,

    Wow, you guys are crazy. Sony is more experienced and has the least bugs than the 360. Nintendo and Sony had started video games waaay before Microsoft’s fanboy’s sex-box go-fix-me. The original xbox was released after ps2. And it still had uglier graphics. The PS family had the same controller. (But with added features for every generation.) While the Xbox thingy had the same controller but different designs. They copied Sony with the controller but just switching the analog with the D-Pad, which is really pathetic. Now the PS3’s hardware can go waaay farther than the crap-box. Plus, it’s Japanese technology. Bill gates should stay with his dumbass computer games and making computers. They rushed the shit-box a year before. All the people who bought the dumbass-box wanted Halo. Now Halo is a great game, don’t get me wrong, but would you spend 400 bucks on one game? So what if the PS3 doesn’t have alot of games? By January 2009, there will have been a 20% increase in video games production for the PS3, just wait a couple of months. Plus the new games are going to be the envy of you “x” box owners. the ps3 is staying for about 7-8 years more. Hope this helps you guys and clears out what my opinion is. Btw, what is an X box, what does X stand for? Playstation is a station (place) where you play. Perfect sense. But, X box? how is it a box? They could’ve at least called it another stupid name like the Mcrosoft Gamebox, or something… lol, Gamebox. Nintendo translates Leave luck to heaven. Wii means We as in the everybody. Which means that everybody can play it. My point is, the xbox was a mistake, it will soon go burn in hell like Sega’s consoles. Leave the videogames to Sony and Nintendo.

  34. STELIOS said,


  35. Cman107 said,

    The only reason why the 360 is beating the PS3 is because Microsoft rushed its development process and released a year before any of its competition. However, its already been proven that the PS3 sold more in its first year, than the 360 did in its first year. So, the PS3 would’ve been beating the Xbox IF it would’ve been released at the same time.

    • Jeremy said,

      Actually, it would sold a lot more than the Xbox 360 because most people who bought a 360 its first year would’ve bought a PS3 if they hadn’t been so eager for the next-gen games.

      • jer said,

        it would be funny cuase its still beating 360 cause it wifi,bluray,webbroswer,free online,and the console last 5 years

  36. Arran McDonald said,

    Nick your wrong the most anticipated game of all time was Haldf-Life 2

  37. Kurt said,

    There is just no arguing… PS3 IS the best.

  38. Masterofallz said,

    Oh 360, how the tides have changed.

    Killzone 2, Resistance 1-2, Motorstorm 1-2, Metal Gear Solid 4, Little Big Planet, God of War 3, MAG, FF 13 Versus.

    Yeah, I’ll stick to my PS3.

    • Jeremy said,

      …and Gran Turismo 5. Remember GT5, the most realistic racing in the world to date?

  39. haxor said,


  40. s.w.e.d said,

    I think the ps3 is for gamers true 1s or peaple who cant afford laptops or desktops u know its for ppl who want movie game and web browser together xbox is 90 percent failure rate bill gates said him self ps3s will last longer if u update them the ps3 is famous for its new games mgs all sorts xbox is for ppl whos dum enough to pay more money 70 bucks a year for member ship gosh its retarded and ur credit card is stuck on ur console so any 1 can get in and hack u .

  41. jer said,

    ps3 rules free mobs no paying for a retarded xbox 360

  42. Buckster-Pwnster-Lifester-"Anything"ster. said,

    I’m not tryin’ to make a console war but the PS3is better :)

    Although Activision (or whatever else related to Call of Duty) loves Xbox 360 more. We know why *”Microsoft”* :)

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