November 22, 2005

PS3 Price Revealed

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[Source: PS3Updates]

The PS3, scheduled to be introduced in Japan in mid-2006 and in the U.S. a few months later, is expected to be technically more advanced than the XBox 360 in many ways. Notably, it will include a high-definition DVD player intended to capitalize on the growing market for HDTV sets, which, of course, Sony also makes. (The Xbox 360 supports HD games, but it lacks the ability to play next-generation, prerecorded HD movies.)

Sony’s CEO, Sir Howard Stringer, said recently that Sony will sell the PS3 at a loss in order to populate the world with Sony’s favored high-definition DVD standard, known as Blu-ray. If millions of Blu-ray PlayStations find their way into living rooms, Sony figures, movie studios will be compelled to embrace it over the rival standard, known as HD-DVD. Yes, brace yourself for another Betamax vs. VHS standards war.

Sir Howard said the PS3 will sell for $300 to $400 and will come with a bundle of games, movies, and TV shows, many of which Sony also makes. The question is whether the titles will be bundled on Blu-ray DVD discs or on a built-in hard drive.

Because the first standalone Blu-ray DVD players are expected to cost $1,000 or so, Sony is essentially giving a free next-generation DVD Player to every Playstation 3 customer. That eases the pain (a little bit) for people faced with buying new, high-def versions of their favorite DVDs.

Of course, nothing is stopping Microsoft from adding a high-definition DVD player to the Xbox down the road, once the standards battle has been resolved.

How else does the PS3 stack up against the Xbox 360? It’s based on a bodaciously powerful Cell processor developed by IBM and Toshiba, which appears to outmuscle the IBM PowerPC custom chip used in Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Sony has also tapped nVidia to supply the graphics engine in the PS3, and it’s going to be a whopper, with nearly double the rendering power of the top graphics card that nVidia now supplies to PC gaming enthusiasts. Again, on specs alone, the PS3 should have a graphics edge over the ATI-based Xbox 360.

Fancy hardware doesn’t mean anything, though, if the people who write the games for the hardware can’t take advantage of it. (Exhibit A: The PlayStation 2 is technically inferior to the original Xbox, but it’s still the world’s most popular gaming platform based on the selection of compelling game titles.)

At its launch the PS3 will be backward compatible with thousands of earlier PlayStation titles. But Microsoft knows software, and game developers are praising it for providing them the tools and support to build new titles for the Xbox 360.

So should you wait a year for the PS3 or buy the Xbox 360 today? Current Xbox owners are likely to upgrade to the 360, and current PS2 owners will probably stick with Sony. New gamers, however, have little reason to wait nearly a year for the PS3, and Microsoft is almost certain to gain some ground on Sony.

The one wild card: Sony could slash the price of the current PS2, perhaps to $100, making the $400 Xbox 360 seem less attractive.

[Our Words]

As we already knew, PS3 is going to introduce an enormous amount of innovative features. The mechanism is pretty interesting:Why should you buy a DVD Player when you could buy a PS2?

Why should you buy a BLU-RAY Player for 1000$ when you could buy a Playstation 3 for 4-600$?

Why should you buy a portable media player for 300$ when you could buy a PSP?

That’s why Sony beats Nintendo. They sell a lot of sweeties, more than a console. Then, again, mr. Hideo Kojima & friends, let’s try to make quality games for PS3…



  1. CURT said,


  2. Chris said,

    I’d just like to note that you have one thing wrong in the beginning. First, the Playstation 3 will play Blue-Ray DVD’s which are High Definition, not High Definition DVDs, which are another camp for the next generation of DVD media altogether.

    This brings me to the second point….the inclusion of the Blue Ray player into the PS3 is not a move to cross-sell their HD TV sets (although it definitely won’t hurt sales). They are including Blue Ray capabilities in The PS3 because they are the authors of the format and therefore is using the Playstation 3 as a platform to get mroe Blue Ray players in homes and beat out the competition (HD-DVD). Look at what the PS2 did for DVD players. A lot of people got their first DVD player in the house with the PS2 (although there were no competition for format to the DVD), so this time around naturally Sony would use the PS3 as a strict advantage over the competition.

    Just thought I’d clarify that for you.

  3. Hey, I like Sony as much as the next guy, but saying Sony’s better than Nintendo because Sony puts extra stuff in their console is bullcrap, man.

    Nintendo’s going to do some amazing stuff with its Revolutionary controller, and I can’t wait to see how games are going to take advantage of players’ [collective] ability to control the game by moving it around in real space.

    That said, I’m getting the PS3 in 2007. ;)

    (My brother’s getting the Revolution.)

  4. kyle M. said,

    Yea man, i cant wait for ps3. when i heard about MGS4 I got so pumped. But when I heard all of the other games coming out like Devil May Cry 4, and plus all 7 controllers to the system I almost craped my pants twice! as soon as this system comes out im getting it and i might have to steal from my moms purse but its worth it. And if you dont get this system then your a moron and you should go shut up somewhere….. I hear it works.

    PS3 roooooockkkssss!!!!

  5. moof said,

    PS3 price wasn’t really released. Was an error in the CNN article which attributed it falsely to the Fortune article, though the Fortune article said no such thing.

  6. Alex said,

    Hi guys i need to know the final price of the ps3 if somebody knows it plz send it to my email alexhawie@hotmail.Com thx ps3 ruuules!

  7. stabani said,

    Um, there is a format war for the dvd, not a biggie though, dvd-raw and dvd+r or something like that, i simply know there are two ways to burn a dvd.

    I’m getting a ps3 over the xbox360, even though i kinda want both since I know the games I want to play will probably come out on the 360, then again, i built a really expensive computer just to play ut2004, so ut2007 on the ps3 would be worth the price sticker, i’m wiling to pay upto 600 bucks for it. :-D

    I haven’t had an upclose on the xbox360, just seems too microsofty to me.

  8. The Dogg said,

    My dad said he’s getting me the ps3 when it comes out if u have any imformation about when it comes out plaese tell me ps3 ROOOOOOOCCCCCCCKKKKKKSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  9. The Dogg said,

    And my e-mail is!!

  10. I really want a xbox 360 but they have sold out everywere
    come on bill start making some more will ya
    saying that im sure the ps3 will blow it out the water

  11. jp said,

    i bought a 360 now i sold it. im never going to waste my money on a piece of crap agin come on sony hit me with the good stuff

  12. Xbox pwns the online market

  13. The PS3 is an awesome console, but why have they still not got a decent online gaming platform?!

    xBox live is massive, but just noone plays on PSN =(

    Thought the PS3 was gunna be way bigger when it was released, but clearly not.

    Come on Sony – pull your finger out!

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