November 18, 2005

PS3 Rumors – New PS3 Controller Unveiled?

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We’ve read an article on SPOnG giving out interesting PS3 news.

Were you scared about the bad boomerang banana? (Talking about the Playstation 3 Controller as usual, of course).

Well.. it was just a joke! You children, You always believe everything :)

The definitive design of the controller is going to be unveiled (maybe) at January’s Consumer Electronics Show.

The story so far: A Sony representative told GameSpot, “We have made no announcements regarding the PS3 controller, so any reports to the contrary are purely speculation.”

It’s pretty true. People always has to talk, talk and talk about things they are waiting for, and they (well, I’m one of them maybe :) ) get easily tricked. The boomerang controller could even be a fake, who knows?

Well, Sony has shown it at E3 2005, so I’m still worried about it :) why showing things that are not final? Did they want to create a lot of interest around the playstation 3 controller? To analyze gamers’ reaction? Who knows.

Let’s say it was a test judge public’s reaction to the controller, and as it was a disaster it became unofficial until next event :).

But wait! Sony Comp. Ent. and. corp. exec. and. chief. tech. off. (lol) Masayuki Chatanai told our Famitsu friends about the E3, and we find out than:

…the controller might undergo “minor changes” but that the form factor would probably stay the same!

So, that controller wasn’t official. But its shape (its worst part) is already truth. No revolutionary design. No way out. We’ll use it to catch kangaroos :)




  1. You’re a life saver man! I would have to say I was pretty worried myself about the controller design. I don’t live australia you know. Well I’ve heard some pretty nasty rumors about bugs, do have any news on that?

  2. David said,

    There are some bugs with regards to the blu-ray drive at the moment I believe. Look at they ran an article about it about a week ago

  3. MMX said,

    The PS3 controller “redeign” is horrible. Its just an unoriginal wireless dualshock. Im very disappointed at sony.

  4. Jonh said,

    okay the redesign is not “horrible”, and it is not the old dualshock controller. It s wireless and smaller and lighter than the dualshock. It also has motion sensitivity built in(which unfortunalty makes it no longer able to rumble.

  5. Nukkz said,

    This new controller is an unoriginal attempt at trying to compete with Nintendo’s creativity. Nintendo’s next generation console is the only one out there that is actually releasing an original piece of hardware and Sony obviously feels threatened by it. Now they want to offer what Nintendo has in the hopes of swaying those gamers who still havn’t made a decision as to which system their committing to.

  6. John said,

    Im really upset with what sony have done
    with the controllers, but i hear that
    there is going to be a new one YES!!!
    i would have been very upset with the
    controller, i have an brill idea for a new
    controller i have designed it and even
    detailed it for PWS magazine, but i dont
    no who to send it to, it dose nit matter if
    no one sees it because im sure the new
    controller is going to shock people in a
    good way, but if anyone knows how/who
    to give it to some one to show please let me

  7. Joshua said,

    Ok Sony you have now offically hit strike 3 with me. HDD on ps2 strike one, terrrible online support strike two, now you remove one the most important features to a controller as far as emersion goes by taking out the vibration when I’m shooting a gun I want to feel it. I think they put the final nail in thier coffin. Being a gen 1 playstation fan this really pains me to say this but XBox here I come.

  8. Tom said,

    Sony have had this tecnology in there back pocket for a long time (ive seen a PS1 controller do what the new one does) so if anyones copying it You know who!!!!! the reason it will not vibrate is Sony lost 200 million pounds in law suits agianst dual shock i prefere the motion any way

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