November 18, 2005

Playstation 4 – Ken Kutaragi speaks…

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ken kutaragi.jpg

Let’s welcome the smily Ken Kutaragi, PlayStation’s dad, a living legend in the videogames’ world.

Recently interviewed by BBC, he started talking about PlayStation 4.

We did it as well, here, but his words are more impressive by far :P

“My dream, and the dream of all my team, hasn’t finished. In fact we haven’t achieved even half of what we’re going to do. We want to lead with the PlayStation 3, and beyond that to the PlayStation 4 within the next decade.”

The Messiah spoke this way. 10 years? Mmmmh… so, in 2015. I’ll be 32, and maybe I’ll hate games :( too bad. Will Playstation 3 be my last console? Or will I become a workless beggar-addict, howling among the streets to get a PS4?

But when Playstation 4 does launch, according to Kutaragi-san, our miserable existences will be radically transformed: “I am an engineer and I like technology. I want to change the world with technology and I want to change our lives. The best way to realise it is, for us, PlayStation.”

Kutaragi-san, the Playstation Lord, didn’t stop its mouth in many similar occasions.

At the recent Tokyo International Digital Conference he said: “Today, I would like to tell stories that might sound like a dream.”.

Mr. Kutaragi, stop drinking please :)



  1. Raul said,

    iss é muito legal!

  2. amigo said,

    deberian jugar la xbox360 , la wea es mas barata…

  3. melinda said,

    when is playstation 4 coming out and can i see some pictures

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