November 13, 2005

Our PS3 webLog – A Lot of visits!

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Guys and girls…You are too bad! We just missed 3 of You to make it! We were near! :(

Anyway, almost 1000 unique visits yesterday for our PS3 weblog. This is a record (we’ve been online two months only!), and I should really thank as they gave out this great online platform for me to enjoy it. And to thank You for your interest, as well. 1000 visits in two months are really not bad.

Ok, let’s say 997 :)

It’s interesting, as Playstation 3 will come out in a year or something, already a lot of work to be done. And so many visitors looking for it.

I’m thinking about taking Pre-Orders, if I can find a brave enough online shop to assist me in this little business.  

But what I mainly care about is to have product support: I don’t know if I’ll be able to afford many games for reviews, and I HATE stealing reviews from other sites. I can’t avoid it for news and information, but reviews are something very personal, and I care for the quality of qualitative information I release on the internet. Give me a Playstation 3 and I’ll make you happy :D


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