November 12, 2005

Latest Playstation 3 News

Posted in General, news & rumors, previews at 3:09 pm by playstation3

News! News! Good news! Good PS3 news! Good Playstation 3 News of the day!

Ok, now every search engine on the globe will know I’ve got Playstation 3 News to share :)

Well… Truth is that most of them are boring, unconfirmed, unofficial and missing many particulars… but let’s make a good list!

  • Grand Theft Auto is confirmed EXCLUSIVE to the Playstation 3. It will ONLY run on our PS3. Yahoo!!!
  • Total U.S. console software sales for October were kinda $365 millions, 24% less than October 2004. Well, it could be interesting :)
  • SDKs for cell processor are going to be released. There is already something online. Sony, IBM and Toshiba (the three “bigs” working in cooperation) released a development kit. Take a look at the main site.
  • I’m going to develop a portal about next generation(S) consoles, in italian. Breaking news, aren’t them? :)
  • PS3 is still winning the “mindshare war”. 32% of gamers will buy a ps3 vs. 27% going for the XBox. Those statistics are so boring, I don’t know if I’ll mention them again.
  • Ex Sony Computer Ent. America employees formed a new, independent company. Game development, naturally. They call themselves “Machine Union” :)

It’s enough for today :) I’m going to build on my psp the accessories my partners gave me yesterday: 4gb memory block and TV Out :)…. the best, while waiting for Playstation 3! See You tomorrow folks!


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