November 6, 2005

Playstation 3 online gaming network will not exist?

Posted in General, news & rumors at 9:26 am by playstation3


Bad news.

I hope they are no more than rumors (and it’s not so impossible) but someone (Joistiq, to be clear) wrote that Sony is entering the next generation console war without a working online gaming network.

Publishers will have to work on their own to bring games online, as it happened with PS2, and (obviously) to setup gaming fees.

But we don’t trust very much those rumors. Playstation 3 is a mighty project, let’s be serious: do you really think a revolutionary Sony Consolle would lack such a precious feature?

There will be some alternative, for sure. And, in any case, magazines around the web just want to write something. Maybe some japanese guy said one or two wrong words and it becomes a media boom.

Everyone is speculating on Playstation 3 before its release, isn’t it sad? Nah, it’s just business, maybe.

I will develop the online game features if they don’t do so :)

Hey guys… I’m just kidding… I don’t want all gaming magazines to report “young ps3 blogger is up to develop a playstation 3 online gaming network” by tomorrow :)


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