October 30, 2005

PS3 video processor – 120 FPS?

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Playstation 3 is potentially able to run graphics at 120 frames per second. 120.

They are going to consume our brain.

To burn our eyes.

To force us to buy a 120fps television.

Numbers, just numbers… maybe. 120 fps means that in one second 120 different images will flash on the screen.

Even last TV models aren’t capable of refreshing the screen 120 times in a single second.

But they want to do it. No one needs it, no one asked for it, but mr. Kutaragi said that “when new technology comes to market, he hopes to have the PS3 ready to take advantage of it”.

Mr. Kutaragi, nobody needs 120 fps. We need good titles. Stop giving out fantastic numbers related to playstation 3 to excite media.

I’m sick about those “great tech news”. Tell us more about the playstation 3 gaming experience.



  1. I agree, 120fps is insignificant. The human eye won’t be able to tell the difference between 120fps and 60fps. I’m still going to buy one, but this is just silly.

  2. Henry said,

    Agreed. Games today are just the same games made 10 years ago, vomitted out with better graphics and longer video segments.

  3. FAYTHE said,

    well, i have to say that i’m certainly impressed; MY brain will be able to handle the pressure, CAN YOU?!>@

  4. Jahuya said,

    Yes they need! To archieve 3D images like you see now on movie theaters you need a refresh rate of 120Hz on your monitor and of course, 120 frames per second! Btw, more Hz the better, is much much more comfortable for the eyes. I use 100hz on my monitor and i feel the diference. Anyway, we the ps3 games start poping out of the screen come and tell that they’re just numbers.. ;P

  5. Someone said,

    u dont need a 120 fps tv to play a ps3 idiot and no there arent 120 images flashing in 1 second -_-

  6. Jahuya said,

    Idiot?! Do you know me!? Did i said that is needed a 120hz TV to play Playstation 3!? YOU NEED A TV WITH 120HZ SO YOU CAN PLAY IN 3D, thats wwhat i said!! And why the fuck do they do tv’s with 200hz and that looks smoother!? Don’t tell me that our eyes don’t feel the difference above 60hz!

  7. jonathan said,

    go xbox 360 its much better in my view

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