October 26, 2005

Parental Control for Playstation 3

Posted in General, news & rumors at 8:03 am by playstation3


Ok mums and dads, Sony is thinking of You as well.

They are implementing on their next generation console a system that’s going to allow you to control the games Your children play.

Playstation 3 parental controls, as they said at a conference in Tokyo (government and Japan’s biggest retailers, publishers and developers were present), were already built in the PSP handheld, and the whole system is going to be improved and tested to give warranty of a better children safety and control over game contents.

Naturally, Microsoft XBOX 360 is not sleeping. They must have everything Playstation 3 has. Parental controls, as well.

Parents will be able to setup passwords requests to pop out when adult contents or online access are requested.

They invest billions to prevent children from seeing imaginary fights, to dream of bloody heros. Is it still the Columbine experience?

They should change something in the culture, in tv shows, more than funny videogames.

Don’t tell your parents You bought a Playstation 3 :P


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