October 25, 2005

Motor Storm PS3

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Motor Storm looks like a nice PS3 racing game. Well, at least nice (ok, kickass) graphics and possibility to perform deadly car crashes :)

This off-road racing game, from Evolution Studios, will put your virtual car under tons of smelly mud, petrol, dust. A lot of loud, engines’ music, abnormous trucks, metal and deserts, rally tunings… immediately, without qualifications, restrictions, vehicle classes, or whatever. Select your offroad monster and start running. Avoid total destruction. Survive to the end of a crazy, dirty race.

Ah :) we’ll love this one!

Enjoy those screenshots and be happy.

Your Playstation 3 is giving out good games :)



  1. sinan said,

    I love playstation3

  2. ljupce said,

    yo blog its very god

  3. david morgan said,

    the ps3 will be one big explosion to us all its going to be amazing .

  4. mike said,

    i thing its going to be a load of bollocks those pics of motor storm are not the real thing there to gd to be a game.

  5. oli cross said,

    dave morgans gay

  6. david morgan said,


  7. oli cross said,

    wendy has a bid crusty salmon fanny
    and a gay son.

  8. Dan said,

    LOL at Mike who said these pics were “a load of bollocks” since, now that PS3 is released, we see these are in fact real pics of the game. And yes, it is kickass.

  9. sgt. outlaw said,

    here i am–again bashing the ps3 once more! to this day, the ps3 will just have to wait when will their developers can finally come up with some great games. do you think sony has something up their pathetic sleeves to go head to head with halo 3 or gears of war 2? resistance: fall of man 2, maybe?…not even close enough–to say the least! i was watching x-play the other day, and even those guys were somewhat making fun of the ps3…i loved that episode! for the record, i loved my original ps1, then got an xbox five years later, then xbox 360. this summer, i’m going to buy a wii, so i can play their sports titles–ps3…nah!! I THINK MANY PS3 FAN-DWEEBS OR FAN-JERKS ALREADY HAVE READ MANY OF MY COMMENTS ABOUT THE PS3 AND THEIR CHOICE OF GETTING ONE. I REALLY DON’T CARE IF THEY DID—BECAUSE ONE THING IS FOR SURE…THE PS3 WAS A DISAPPOINMENT THE DAY IT CAME OUT! TSK! TSK! BUNCH OF BRAIN-NOT-FUNCTIONING-WELL-PEOPLE—LOSERS!!!!!!!

  10. jason said,

    @sgt. outlaw

    the only thing good about xbox 360 is how its got tonnes of games… wii is only good because of its motion sensing control and niether of them can give the high definition graphics of ps3 (i have to admit exluding xbox 360 elite). the ps3 and xbox elite can both read blu-ray disk although the PS3 can read the new blu ray disks that can hold up to 400GBS!!!!!!!. also if you think the ps3 game graphics arnt’ that good its because GAME DEVELOPERS ARE HELD BACK BY THE FACT THAT THEY NEED TO COMPRESS GAMES IN ORDER TO FIT ON NORMAL + HD DVD’s WHILE PS3 ONLY GAMES CAN USE THE FULL SPACE OF BLU-RAY DISKS + THE HIGH DEFINITION 1080p OUTPUT OF PS3.

    also to be noted normal xbox 360’s break down soooooooooooo easly…. 4 example one of my friend has 10 friends who have owned 360’s. 8 of them had broken down within 6 months… anouther example (and this one is unbelieveable so i dont expect you to believe this example) is about anouther one of my friends WHO WENT THROUGH 5 360’s IN 1 MONTH!!!

    my email is jaspg@hotmail.com if u still wanna argue

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