October 24, 2005

XBox 360 Controller for pc

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So, do You really think the XBox 360 controller is more beautiful than the PS3’s? Maybe :)

What’s interesting about it is that it’s going to be compatible with home PCs.

“Gamers can simply unplug their controller from their Xbox 360 system and plug it into their Windows XP-based PC,” said mr. Chris Donahue (microsoft gaming dept. director). “This is a great breakthrough for the gaming industry as we make it easier for developers to create multiplatform titles.”

Ok, we won’t make more publicity to Micro****. But, just in case you would like to use the xBox 360 pad on a ps3, (oh yeah, ps3 is a pc, didn’t u know? :D) keep this in mind.

Then, you might be interested in this article, it’s like someone already did it :P


  1. Sony spokesperson Reiko Sakamoto said, “It’s hard to say the PlayStation 3 will be 100 percent backwards compatible, but as we said earlier this year we aim to make it so as much as possible.”

    On much the same note, the Xbox 360’s list of backwards compatible games is already set to include improved versions of both Halo and Halo 2. Sony could drop a lot of support if the PS3 loses the back-compatibility edge. None of this looks any better if you consider statements by Sony Computer Entertainment president Ken Kataragi to the tune of, “The current Xbox will become antiquated once the new machine comes out this November. When that happens, the Xbox will be killing itself. The only way to avoid that is to support 100 percent compatibility from its [Xbox 360’s] launch date, but Microsoft won’t be able to commit to that. It’s technically difficult.”

    this is something about gaming. but give a hint about hardware compatibility.
    i dont think that Xbox 360 pad will be compatible with PS3

    sony want PS3 to be as different as it can be from other products :)

    gurpartap singh

  2. MavereX said,

    PS3 is almost as rediculous as Nintendo Revolution. Blu Ray, which will join betamax. High production costs, boomerang controller design, and also High prices. Also no more great games that are solely on the ps3. Also the programmers that make games HATE the cell processcor for it is extremely difficult to program for.

  3. waldodak said,

    the wii and the ps3 are going to blow the 360 out of the water when they come out.. wii having a new controller design and games like ‘wii sports,’ and all the new technology in the ps3 with blu-ray and hi-def output with the best graphics engine.. the xbox doesn’t stand a chance..

  4. rokers said,

    i’ve got a “ps3 pad” (bigben) for pc and i’d like to use it for playin’ “frontlines: fuel of war”, but it just supports “xbox360 controller”….

    so, is there any chance to make the “ps3 pad” simulate to be a “xbox360 controller”!? maybe via replacin’ the ps3/usb gamepad driver or somethin’ like this…!??!? i’m really pissed…!


  5. Frostbite said,

    Well, waldodak, looks like you were sure as hell wrong. Sony as always, thinks their junk is better than everybody and overprices it, while also trying to sell it as a media center of sorts which it fails at. The cell processor is nothing special, it’s not even that good at gaming honestly and the only people buying them would be Sony themselves. As for the author’s comment about the PS3 being a “PC”, you could say the same about the DS and PSP. Extremely common knowledge that they’re just weaker versions of gaming rigs built to maximize performance on somewhat weaker parts.

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