October 22, 2005

The Embrace Of Time

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It’s unknown, unconfirmed, misterious. But it has got the typical smell of good news.

We know almost nothing about its release, but “Embrace of Time Chapter 1, Resurrectio Ocolus”, currently being worked on by a chinese company (Origo Gaming Entertainment), is a promising RPG project.

The game is going to be the first one of four chapters, it’s very Jappo and Anime-inspired and the main character holds a sword too big for him…

mmm? and Final Fantasy 7? and Berserk? :) That doesn’t look like a good -original- beginning, my dear chinese friends. 



  1. smackdown said,

    I think this is another game with a Final Fantasy genre. I am not really into RPG’s, but a twist on anime’ is fun. The martial arts thing is interesting and characters are unpredictable. China is fast developing into a computer game hub.

  2. poetry said,

    China is fast developing into a world dominator, I would say

    Anyway, let’s see what’s coming out :)… martial arts were already present in Xeno Gears and many other similar games… they were wonderful, but the whole thing is getting boring.

  3. Yes, he certainly has a look of Cloud about him! Not necessarily a bad thing though, is it?

  4. It depends :P

    Cloud was one of the coolest characters ever. This one looks weird compared to him, and if they copy Cloud’s concept for this dark guy I won’t like it at all.

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