October 19, 2005

PS3 Statistics by Famitsu

Posted in General, news & rumors at 8:27 am by playstation3

Thanks to Famitsu, the most respected video game news magazine in Japan, we can give out some statistics about Japanese Gamers’ intentions.

23.9% of Japanese gamers will buy an Xbox 360.

They like a lot Xbox 360’s controller. And, as we recently said in our controller-banana article, they could be right. This controller isn’t enough for us :) we are not monkeys, are we?

Anyway, it’s like 63.2% of japanese gamers will buy a PS3.

A lot of features, a lot of expectations, a lot of hardware, a lot of fun. So… why shouldn’t they buy a Playstation 3? Well… one of the main reasons was… The banana controller! Again! ARGH!

Ok, let’s fix it, my Japanese Sony Friends. Give it triggers, make it bigger and… no bananas!

Now, most interesting thing, 63.2 + 23.9 = 87.1% (yeah, math is my strong point). Meaning that almost all japanese gamers will buy a next generation console… what a country :)

But I would lower the total to 75-80%, as I’m sure that those percentages include people buying both the XBox and Playstation 3.

I’ll go PS3. Did you guess it?



  1. julio said,

    hi i like ps3

  2. chris said,

    ummmmm im sorry but u seem to have forgoten to mention a little sumthing called the nintendo revolution. I no they said they are targeting a different market but they should still be included dont u think.

  3. chris said,

    um im sorry but u seem to have forgoten to mention a little sumthing called the nintendo revolution. I no they said they are targeting a different market but they should still be included dont u think.

  4. sexual chocolate said,

    PS3 is badass and is going to kick xbox 360’s ass in graphics and units sold

  5. PS3Beast said,

    You know I bet you any money that who so ever actually believes the xbox 360 is better than the Ps3 at anything else than being the first loser! They should pretty much go to hell. I’m confident that God agrees with me.

  6. benson said,

    360 is poo, ps3 is da shit

  7. PS3 is going to be the greatest systen ever made, Xbox 360 is no comparison. PS3 is going to have double or triple the graphics that 360 has and is going to have many better games than 360. I bet that PS3 is going to sell more in its first week than 360 did when it first came out until know.!!!!!

  8. josh said,

    this ps3 is gayer than shit same with the x-box 360 they should of stoped at saga dream cast

  9. rstjsj said,

    xbox 360 sucks, ps3 rules

  10. michael said,

    hey excuse me but i read bout this stuff and am a very in depth gamer but i can’t figure out which conc\sole to buy first near the end of this yr(06)idc much for the wii although its cheaper and a new rev to gaming my friend is a fan of nintendo so he will get it for sure…and it’ll be the second one i buy….but first is either the 360 or the ps3 and it all depends to me on wether the blueray technology in the ps3 is gonna be a huge blast to america and if it is then its worth the money but if not and every1 is gonna stick w/ hd dvd for the nxt idk 5 yrs+ then i’d be best sticking w/ the 360…so can u tell me wether or not the blueray is going to be bigand don’t just give me opinions…give me facts…i am only 14 but i know whati am talking about so please don’t just try and go bias on me and tell me the blunt simple truth…thnk u for ur time9sry bout the shorthand…too much msn messenger lol)

  11. Likky YO said,

    The xbox360 is a badss betwenn ps3

    PS3 RULES!!

  12. Jesus said,

    PS3 can suck my balls

  13. dickweed 4000 said,

    Wheres the pot?

  14. Ching Chang Wong said,

    OOOOO PS3 mak me sooo hony, me pay sukky sukky 5 daura aww night rong.

    I found the pot, its all mine!

  15. Clarkyboy said,

    Oh dear. Is everyone here 12 years old?

    Anyone saying combatively “this one’s great, the other one’s shit” is an idiot.

    The fact of the matter is both consoles are absolutely amazing, but unless you have an HD TV, ie LCD/Plasma/DLP, they aren’t worth it as the superb graphics are going to look poor on a standard television set.

    Apparently the PS3 is going to be more powerful but is very difficult to develop games for, hence the majority of cross-platform games will be developed for the 360 then ported across to PS3 – the opposite of the relationship between PS2/XBox.

    There will be some titles solely for play on one or the other, but apparently it will take 12-18 months before developers get the hang of the sophisticated new tech in PS3 as opposed to PC architecture in the 360, which they already know how to get the best out of.

    I’ve got the 360 already and it looks fantastic on my 42″ Samsung HD LCD TV, with it’s 5000:1 colour ratio. I will also buy the PS3 which will also be fantastic.

    That’s what happens when you grow up and get a job :P

  16. mike kunt said,

    ps3 is better than a 360 end of story

  17. mike kunt said,

    ps3 is better than a 360 end of story so suck my balls

  18. mike kunt said,

    im saying radom stuff now

  19. mike kunt said,

    i wanda hus reading this

  20. mike kunt said,


  21. mike kunt said,

    cheese iz good

  22. mike kunt said,

    360 rulles

  23. mike kunt said,

    jokes it sucks

  24. vash the stampede said,

    well the x box was my first buy and it is awesome with x box live and all that and im also a halo 2 fan online but my next buy is gonna be playstation 3 because i was gonna buy a wii but then i found out that it sucks anus and all that it is a faster gamecube and thats it you wont see real life graphis on the wii just to let you know = )

  25. a note to all u fucking idiots said,

    yeh just a laugh aimed at all the people on this page who pre-release to the PS3 were all “ooh its gonna have five times the graphics of the 360” haha dudes u got f’d in the A cos sony being wank as they r cudnt get anythin to work n went back to Nvidea graphics hence the early release date. haha u waited all that time and its not even any better than the 360. o and did i mention it costs about 200 quid more? anyone with a ps3 can suck my balls

  26. vid sid said,

    I have a 360, Wii and ps3. all are cool as hell….. I have 360 for gears of war & no other games…. ps3 comes with all the ”extras” I had to purchase seperately for 360… by the time I bought a wireless adapter, charge & play battery, wireless headset, platinum and online membership it made the xbox the same damn $ as ps3….. If I could only have 1 system it would be the PS3! best value! my bluetooth earbud I had for my phone works on sony….. controllers are charge and play out of the box.. online is free….. No red lights of death….

    also, ps3 has a better video card…… that is a fact for all you denyers out there…. gears 2 is amazing but, not enough to make it #1…… and you’re gay!

  27. ps3 4 eva said,


  28. ps3 4 eva said,

    MY ONLINE NAME IS nfsnerd SO ADD++++ ME! :)

  29. Roxastheman said,

    i just have to say if any of u havent noticed yet but this is a percentage for japan the xbox is a american made console playstaion is not it is japanese so would u think a japanese boy/girl would rather buy a PS3 (which is made in their country and most likely advertised way more than the 360 is) or the dumb american 360

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