October 17, 2005

PS3 Wishlist – Win a WordPress Invitation!

Posted in General at 8:14 am by playstation3


Eheh… Sometimes, I feel like I don’t know what to write exactly. You know, a lot of people around the internet is writing about ps3 every day mainly to get people’s attention, but sometimes they get ridicolous. They just look for everything related to PS3, and when they can’t find anything they write idiotic things, useless articles, just to catch Search Engines’ crawlers.

Now, this is not my purpose. I just don’t care about becoming rich or famous with a Playstation 3 blog. And I’m not going to report boring “just-to-write-something” news!

Instead, I would like to know from You if you have got a Playstation 3 Wishlist of all sort of things that you would like to see implemented in our lovely next-generation console.

We don’t know what’s coming next. So, let’s imagine it; what does a ps3 REALLY need to provide a NEW KICKASS GAMING EXPERIENCE ?

Send me your ps3 wishlist (no more than 5 wishes, please) at bladesty@hotmail.com.

I’ll publish them soon :).

The coolest wish will receive a mighty wordpress.com invitation as a prize!


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