October 12, 2005

Elveon PS3

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Powered by the mighty Unreal 3 engine, Elveon is a another fantasy/action game coming out for PC and next generation systems. Ps3 doesn’t make exception, obviously!

elveon 2 elveon3

You are an elf, Neamas, living in the fantastic realm of Naon.

Naon was supposed to be a godly place, inhabitated by divinities, but one day, sadly, the big ones abandoned it. So, Chaos began its deadly path: war, hate, badness. And you.. you are the hero… the one… the only one…

You, the bravest, the strongest citizen of Naon… You can save the world and free Nimathar, the wonderful..z…z..the wonderful ci..zzz..city…zZ… that…Zz.zz…



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  1. Greg Brown said,

    And ICO still manages to look more beautiful. *sigh*

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