October 10, 2005


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killzone24.jpg killzone22.jpg kill-zone

Just another super-expected, super-wanted game.

No… not just another one.

Before reading, checkout the trailer at fileplanet.

I have to admit I don’t like Guerrilla games… I just feel bad while shooting humans with a machinegun or a war tank. Give me zombies, orcs, blobs, medieval warriors , aliens… but don’t let me kill humans, they are already doing it.

Ok, it’s impossible to be moralists in 2005, and I don’t care at all about millions of people playing it, but this Kill Zone episode looks… just… ouch… impressive?

Painful or beautiful, bad or good, it’s a new gaming experience. We should get prepared to this, with Playstation 3 coming out soon.

There are war films (where violence is a constant) that I really enjoyied as best films in history: Full Metal Jacket and Apocalypse Now – just to mention two of them – are products of Genius. If You didn’t see them, do it as soon as possible.

What I hope – and I KNOW that Kill Zone won’t be a delusion – is to play an *intelligent* war game, based on a ruthless story, more than a virtual carnage. The ambientation seems to be very interesting, graphics don’t need comments, and… we’ll see.

But they had a lot of success, and the Kill Zone web site (http://www.killzoneps2.com) is telling us that they are working on Killzone comic mini-series, as well.

We’ll see.

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