October 10, 2005

Advertising on WordPress.com

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:58 pm by playstation3

An Off Topic, just to make the point of the situation.

WordPress.com doesn’t support  javascript. Ok, this is good, the platform will be more secure and reliable.

But… what if a fanatic writer – as I am – would like to put some advertisement around his pages? I’m writing about Playstation 3, and I would like, now and in the next future, to give out some shopping service and to earn with them.

I sent a feedback asking for Adsense or Overture support, but I’ve got no answer. I’m thinking about Tradedoubler, as some ads don’t require javascript (if I’m not wrong… didn’t use it last 2 years), but it would be something tricky, as well.

I’m forced to manual advertising, to contact companies and sell impressions. Well… not totally bad, but… 

Can You think of some solution?





  1. Elessar said,

    I think they addressed extra plugins or customizable layouts earlier by saying people can have those features if they run WP on their own servers or host and can then add those plugins…though it would be nice to have th eoption to run adsense…right now im trying to get Technorati Tag Plugin’s on WordPress so i can use the very convienent ‘more’ tag…

  2. robbie said,

    Get a paid domain if you want to earn money… IMO it’s a bit weird to advertise on a free domain, but hey that’s me…

  3. poetry said,

    Hey… WordPress.com is FREE, but it DOESN’T mean they are making beneficence.

    All of our blogs are a BIG publicity for the platform, and our feedback are precious contribution for its development. I don’t see anything bad in making of our free space what we want.

    we are bringing THOUSANDS of users to WordPress.com, this is the greatest free platform around, ok, but advertising on it wouldn’t cause them anything bad, just to give young writers the chance to earn something in exchange for their informative works (as this Playstation 3 bLog). Anyway that’s me, as well :)

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