October 9, 2005

Playstation 3 Mimic

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CEATEC 2005 conference in Japan gave out great surprises for future Playstation 3 owners.

If the magic wand wasn’t enough for You, we now know that Playstation 3 ‘s Cell processor is already able to mime facial expressions and movements of a human subject in real time. The screen is like a digital mirror, tranmitting visual infomration to the cpu, which constructs a tridimensional image of the captured images.

The processor is capable to map 500 unique coordinates, at 100 frames per second, generating new imges as the model changes expression.

“Emotion Engineā€?, as Sony called it; the PS3 unit, now, is potentially able to do it for real. It will be able to read our movements and expressions, and soon we’ll be human pads to control the game. At least we’ll make some gym, while playing.

And this could be good, I’m not kidding.

My martial arts studies will finally find a real time application :)

Let’s see what comes out…



  1. VxJasonxV said,

    My martial arts studies will finally find a real time application :)

    Until you accidentally hit and break the system :D.

    Probably not you, but SOME idiot is bound to do something like that.

  2. LUE said,


  3. What does THIS mean? :)

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