October 8, 2005

Resident Evil 5

Posted in General, previews at 9:14 am by playstation3

resident-evil-5 resident-evil-5 resident-evil-5

You won’t have me, damn zombie!

Those Resident Evil 5 pictures have been on the net for a while, but maybe someone was still missing them.

IGN showed us a trailer, presented at the Microsoft conference, that’s very similar to the xBox version, already well known on the net.

An abandoned town, undeads everywhere, kill them! Kill them!

Yes, it’s Resident Evil. If you were the one jumping on the chair and screaming when R.E. 2 zombies fell on you from the ceiling… just don’t buy this game. Go for Sonic. Why?

As the PS3 version of Resident Evil 5 will have such realistic and impressive graphics that you will want to run away from the consolle.

If you are brave enough, instead, prepare to shoot the bad ones with your Silver gun. You are the one that’s going to save the world from Apocalypse. Never forget about it.

Ah Ah :)

Just enjoy those Resident Evil 5 images and hope PS3 will come out soon!


  1. bboy_kshock said,

    playing 4, cant wait for 5

  2. Ap3z said,


  3. PS3 said,

    Awesome website that tells you how to get a PS3.

    100% Legit – concept featured on CNN and MSNBC!

  4. Steve Greene said,

    Madden 07 is better.

  5. Steve Greene said,

    Go Indy Colts

  6. Steve Greene said,

    I cant wait for Madden 08 because not only will the Colts win the superbowl again, they’ll be the best team in the game! The Colts could beat anybody in an NFL game any time, any where.

  7. Steve Greene said,

    Does anyone want to talk about this year’s upcoming NFL season? Its pretty sad the Colts lost Dominic Rhodes to Oakland, but they still have Joseph Addai. I also like the Saints. With Reggie Bush coming up as a rising star, and now also with Droughns, they should also be unstoppable with their good defense and offense.

  8. Steve Greene said,

    Does anyone even ever get on this website?

  9. Steve Greene said,

    This game sucks. You nerds who just sit around talking about Resident Evil all day need to get off your computer and play a real man’s sport like football. You guys are males. Be proud of your gender.

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