October 6, 2005

PS3 Magic Wand

Posted in Accessories, General, news & rumors at 7:29 pm by playstation3

Magic Wand


Ok, there are rumors that, back in Dec. 2004, Sony started developing a “magic wand” or something similar for Playstation 2.

We don’t know if the first project failed, or if they just decided world was too young for such a powerful item. All we know is that they decided to bring the wand to PS3.

It interacts with a special webcam, enabled to read only certain light effects and to ignore artificial lights. We will wave our magical, shiny wand and the webcam’s eye will capture every movement, and… and what? 

How could I use an electronic wand? Mh.. I could swing it as a sword… Or to write on a distant screen… Or… oh well, I just can’t find any use for this strange thing.

May the spirit of the mighty Merlin, Wizard of Avalon, protect us from this crap.



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  1. ricera10 said,

    Isn’t it funny that the Nintendo Revolution’s controller is the same kind of thing? Well, fight fire with fire.

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