October 2, 2005

Super Mario Bros Artwork

Posted in General at 6:05 am by playstation3

Ok ok, I didn’t mean to hurt You.

I know You are in love with Sony, and this is a Sony Playstation 3 bLog and Mario is an enemy and…

….and this is one of the coolest pics ever. A great piece of artwork. I’m totally speechless.
It’s known to have been online for a while, but I guess that many people like me still didn’t enjoy it.

And if it wasn’t enough…

Mario & Donkey Kong’s secret drunken pic, caught by some artist right in the *CHEERS*.

They are cute :) aren’t they? I always knew Mario was a dumb.

Click the screenshots to enjoy the real-resolution images. Fantastic!



  1. mario maldonado said,

    fuck all u mario haters out there in whole world

  2. ucj said,

    maneiro esse site sou fanatico de todos os jogos do mario, do nit-1 nit-2 play-1 play-2 play3………

  3. Mykal said,

    I agree with mario maldonado. Nintendo Forever!

  4. IL said,

    MARIO RULEZ BABY 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!

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