October 2, 2005

Google loves us

Posted in General at 5:38 pm by playstation3

It’s true!

Try asking google for those keywords:

playstation 3 blog

Google loves us, and we appreciate it.

WordPress.com bLogs, for some reason, manage to obtain soon a high pagerank.
They are optimized for search engines, giving even a little amount of control, thanks to the Post Slug option.

My secret dream is to rank in the first pages for *Playstation 3*, but don’t be too pessimist about it. As a SEO professional I will do my best to make of this blog a real world reference for informal, funny, but still high quality Playstation 3 contents.

And You’ll be able to say “I was there”, someday :)



  1. dan1 said,

    So should I buy xbox 360 or playstation and wait and wait?

    Super graphic of playstation have sent this site to my friends ….

    Visit my game site here
    if you’re interest

  2. dan1 said,

    Playstation rocks …………… In my world Tuesday is game day !!! The world stops for game day !!!

    http://www.bestpokerhand.com/ largest collection of poker strategy …………

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