October 1, 2005

Fatal Inertia

Posted in General, news & rumors, previews, Racing, Shoot 'em Up at 2:24 pm by playstation3

 More screenshots for us. Fatal Inertia is said to be a Racing / Shoot ’em up game, where you must be the first to reach the destination (or to make a certain number of tracks), destroying opponents with amazing amounts of weapons integrated on your space car. 

 I like those kind of games (does someone remind Street Racer?), that – if well developed – hardly get boring over time.

 In the futuristic world of Fatal Inertia you won’t find trace of wheels or other prehistoric accessories. The environments are said to be digitalized from real world places.

We’ll find the strong point of this title in the game physics management. There are a lot of physics-based weapons of every kind, that require a little bit of intelligence to be used with effectiveness. In facts, weapons are not going to be old, boring plasma cannons, but real physics alteration dealers. You will be able to use scenary environments versus your opponents, in many different ways that u’ll have to discover while playing.

Vehicles will be customizable in many ways, assembling a large amount of hypertechnological parts and combining different cool designs.

With its amazing natural scenarios and full multiplayer support, this game is probably going to be a blast :)





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